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Germany is one of the leading nations in the large field of mechanical engineering. The technical complexity contained in the many applications of mechanical engineering leads to extensive and differentiated descriptions for users, setters and maintainers. For a successful translation and localisation of these descriptions, such as operating instructions, into a foreign language, translators are needed who are familiar with the content of mechanical engineering and technology and are appropriately qualified. Added to this are both our aim for a translation that is precise in terms of content and easy to understand, as well as the prior definition of the "right" terminology and its consistent application in your translation projects.

This is where COMLOGOS' passion lies and it's where we feel at home: We are at your service for your demanding translations and localisations in many specialist areas of mechanical engineering!

Mechanical engineering has many faces

Mechanical engineering is an engineering science that roughly revolves around the development, construction and production of machines and plants.

Due to the subdivision into various disciplines, mechanical engineering cannot be defined in general terms. One approach is to divide the subjects into specialisations: on the one hand, design and manufacturing, and on the other hand, basic and application-oriented subjects. It is also possible to create a structure according to technology, including vehicle technology, aerospace technology and materials handling technology.

However, this field is so strongly interdisciplinary and interlinked with other disciplines such as electrical engineering and physics that one cannot speak of 'the' mechanical engineering. The activities of mechanical engineers range from the development and design of individual mechanical, mechatronic or electronic devices to highly complex production plants. From the microwave to the ship's engine, everything is included. 

Important subject areas are:

  • Engineering mechanics or fluid mechanics
  • Technical thermodynamics
  • Construction technology and construction methodology
  • Plant engineering
  • Metal technology
  • Manufacturing engineering or production engineering
  • Drive technology
  • Automotive engineering
  • 3D modelling and simulation technology
  • Machine elements
  • Transmission technology

Possible types of texts/documents to be translated:

Document and text types
Product descriptions
Technical texts
Instructions for operation, installation and use
Alarm notifications
Specialist articles
Documents for trade fairs
Display texts for operation
Marketing materials

Our translators are on their home turf when it comes to specialist expertise and native language; they are familiar with your specialist terminology and know what global cooperation means. We are constantly learning for you. We help you to keep an eye on your core business. This is our service.

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