IT SECURITY and data protection – you can rely on it

COMLOGOS – Your translation agency stands for data protection and confidentiality

Your data is in good hands. The protection and confidential handling of our clients’ data and information are a top priority at COMLOGOS. COMLOGOS has been certified according to ISO 17100 for translation services since 2015. Our management processes and our quality management system are also certified according to ISO 9001.

Our translation services are provided with a duty of confidentiality towards third parties with respect to all documents and information that are made available to us for the translations.

All employees receive regular training on data protection and are aware of their responsibility.

If you wish, we can send you a separate written declaration of confidentiality.

Communication and data communication are continuously monitored at COMLOGOS. We make use of all the modern technology options in communicating with our clients and suppliers.

Security in our data communication with you

IT security is a valuable asset and a commitment for COMLOGOS. When it comes to IT, we set high standards, place our trust in state-of-the-art technology and arrange for this to be regularly checked and maintained by professionals.

E-mail security

  • Access control: only authorised and authenticated users are allowed to access our mail server to send and receive their E-mails.
  • Authentication: messages are clearly assigned to the sender.
  • Integrity: messages cannot be changed unnoticed during transmission.
  • Confidentiality: messages are transmitted internally and externally solely in encrypted form (with TLS for our connection to the provider).

Security in the processing and storage of your data

  • We work with redundant and secure server systems.
  • We have efficient backup processes.
  • Our data and your data are subject to strict access control; only authorised and authenticated users obtain access.
  • We have the latest virus protection and are protected by a firewall/VPN.


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