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The price for translations is made up of various parameters, such as the language combination, the number of words, the source file format and the text type. With additional services such as DTP or proofreading, prices can be higher. You can get an initial idea with our price calculator. For a word price list , please contact our project management team. Individual services such as transcreation, terminology or express translation can also be requested from our project management team.

A total price is always calculated as part of your quote – so you know exactly what the costs will be.

A quote is always free of charge. Similarly, no costs will be charged if you decide not to accept the quote after you have received it or if you subsequently wish to make changes to it.

If you regularly carry out translation projects and would like to take advantage of volume discounts, translation memories and other benefits, we recommend a framework agreement. Please contact us for this.

There are many ways to reduce translation costs.
We have compiled tips for you in our Savings Potential leaflet (currently only available in German).

We will issue an invoice after the service has been rendered, which must be paid within 14 days. If you are interested in other payment options, please contact us.

Time & turnaround

If it’s during our business hours, you will receive an immediate response within one hour.

Depending on the text volume and language combination, the duration is calculated individually by the project management team in consultation with our translators and subsequently shown on the quote. We also produce express translations if you wish.

If you are in a particular hurry, you can also order an express translation. Express translation is charged with an express surcharge. If necessary, your texts can also be divided between different translators. We'd be happy to advise you on what's best here.

Our quote is individually tailored to your request. The turnaround time stated in the quote indicates how many days are required for the translation, starting from the time the order is placed. If you go ahead with the order, you will receive an order confirmation from us stating the exact delivery date. You can be sure that the translation will reach you by the agreed date.

Quality & service

Sworn translations are translations made by a translator sworn by the court. Sworn translations of official documents, such as certificates or notices, are usually required by the authorities. The translators vouch for the accuracy and completeness of the translation by their signature and stamp.

ISO 17100-certified translations, unlike sworn translations, are produced by translators who meet the requirements of ISO 17100. An ISO 17100-certified translation is produced by professionally qualified translators who either hold a university degree in the field of translation and/or have a certain number of years of professional experience as a translator. The translation is also revised by a second person who has the same qualifications.

We offer both ISO 17100-certified and sworn translations. However, we only specialise in corporate clients.

The international standard DIN EN ISO 17100 specifies requirements for translation services. It describes essential provisions for processes and selection criteria for the resources used for translation services. In addition to the clearly formulated standards for producing high-quality translations, it also specifies which processes must be adhered to and documented. In order to comply with the standard, the translation must always be reviewed by a second professional translator in accordance with ISO 17100.

The international ISO 18587 standard, "Post-editing machine translation output", sets out the requirements for the full post-editing of a machine translation and the relevant competencies required of the post-editor. ISO 18587 certification ensures high-quality machine translations.

If you require a specialist translation, please send us all the necessary information by email so that our project management team can provide you with a customised quote. We will be happy to advise you over the phone or by e-mail. After we put together your quote, it is up to you whether you accept it or not. Once accepted, the project starts within the pre-defined timeframe and the native-speaker translators are assigned by the project management team. You will receive your finished technical translation in the desired format either by e-mail or via the COMLOGin customer portal. Of course, you can enquire about the project’s progress at any time. Similarly, our project managers might have some queries about the translation from the translator. Our project managers are available daily during our business hours.

Confidentiality and discretion are very important to us. All external and internal employees have signed a non-disclosure agreement and we use all the latest technical precautions (SSL encryption, 2FA procedures, etc.). We offer a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to every new client to ensure strict confidentiality. Confidentiality is also explicitly mentioned in Section 9 of our T&Cs.

Yes, we have a customer portal called COMLOGin. You will receive your login details from our project management on request. The client portal is based on the ‘Plunet’ software and provides an overview of all current and completed translation projects, quotes and orders, including delivery dates. COMLOGin is web-based, which means you can access it from anywhere. Thanks to an individual two-stage access system, your data is confidential and optimally protected. You can even upload and download large quantities of documents quickly and easily.

You are very welcome to provide us with your company terminology so that we can take this into account in the translation and word things exactly as you would like.

You also have the option of using our terminology software “MultiTerm Online” for a terminology database. Either we create a terminology database for you or you build it up yourself. You can find more information about our terminology solutions here.

Translation memory systems simplify translation projects by creating a language-specific memory for each client starting from the very first translation so that certain areas of text can be reused in the future. In technical texts, such as operating instructions, there is often repetition (e.g. safety instructions) – and this can be reused with a translation memory.

We use Trados Studio for all translation projects.


We translate into more than 70 world languages and offer over 100 language combinations in African, Arabic, Asian, European and Indian languages. We ensure that all of our translators are native speakers of the language they are translating into. With a strong worldwide selection of expert translators and permanent quality assurance, we guarantee you high-quality translations.

We provide translations for all industries. In our 15 years of existence, we have been able to acquire a great many customers from the technical sector (mechanical and plant engineering, electrical engineering, environmental technology and more). This has allowed us to develop extensive expertise in technical documentation and technical texts. We also translate marketing texts, legal documents or contracts, CVs or subtitles for video productions. Please ask for our reference list or contact our project management team.

Yes, we work according to the mother tongue principle, which means that our translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue.  It is important to us that the translators not only master the terminology customary in the industry in the target language, but also strike the right tone and are familiar with the cultural customs of the target country.

Our native-speaker technical translators are qualified by several years of experience and/or a specialist course of study with a recognised university degree.

After a careful evaluation process, we choose the right translator based on their expertise who then translate industry-specific texts using the appropriate technical vocabulary while maintaining a natural-sounding tone in the target language.


Yes, we work according to the regular translator principle. This means that we establish a translator for each target language for your projects. If this translator is unable to take on the translation, another translator can be used if necessary. In this case, we will coordinate with you in advance.

For translation, we expect 1,400-2,000 words per day. However, this can vary greatly depending on the language, text type or translator.

For urgent translation, we offer express delivery and team translation.

As we are ISO 17100-certified , we have strict quality regulations. Revision according to ISO 17100 ensures that the translated text is error-free. Here, the translation is compared with the source text and checked by a second trained specialist translator for accuracy, completeness and linguistic correctness. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are also checked.

Yes, you will be assigned a permanent contact person in project management as part of your first enquiry and these will accompany all your projects.

We translate exclusively for business clients.

We are regularly looking for translators for various languages. You can find all our current vacancies on our career page. You can send a speculative application any time to our e-mail address or using the contact form.

File formats

We accept all common file formats, e.g. .doc/.docx, .csv, .xml, .xls/.xlsx, .ppt/.pptx, .txt, .rtf, .indd, .po, .pdf. Non-editable formats such as .pdf cannot be edited in the CAT tool without further preparation, therefore an additional charge is made here.  After translation, we either deliver in the input format or format the files if desired.

If your content to be translated is only available in PDF format, this is no problem. In this case, we convert the document into an editable format so that it can be translated, for an additional charge. We stick to the layout of the source file as best as possible.

The best way to send us your website is as an export. Exports come in formats such as .xml, .html or .xliff, for example.

Alternatively, you can also send us your content in Word or Excel.

Our COMLOGin customer portal makes it really easy to upload even large quantities of files. Alternatively, we will be happy to send you a link to upload larger files.

Yes, we also offer DTP (desktop publishing). You can find out more here.

Machine translation

We offer machine translation with full post-editing for certain texts. You can find out more here or in our FAQs for machine translation.

The quality of machine translation with full post-editing should correspond to the quality of a human translation. This means that, just as with human translation, full PE ensures that the translation is correct in terms of spelling, grammar, terminology, formatting, etc. The post-editor also ensures consistency and an appropriate style. The main difference to human translation is that the style does not have to be perfect.

However, machine translations with full post-editing are not ISO 17100-compliant and do not comply with VDE specifications either. So if you need a certified translation, we recommend a human translation including revision according to ISO 17100.

COMLOGOS works with a carefully tested, filled and trained engine for neural machine translation (NMT). Your texts will be used exclusively for your translation and not for training the engine. What's more, since the engine's servers are located in the EU, all machine translation activities meet the European Union's strict data protection regulations.

The amount of work involved in PE varies from project to project. But on average, you can expect 4,000 to 6,000 words per day. It should be noted that PE can be performed for a maximum of 4–5 hours a day (with a break), as the cognitive effort is much higher than, for example, in the case of a translation or revision.

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