Additional services according to ISO 17100 with revision, proofreading and technical review

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The services of revision, proofreading and technical review are described and specified in ISO 17100. That said, these terms are often used imprecisely and sometimes interchangeably in everyday life. Revision according to ISO 17100 is an integral part of our translation process.


This is a bilingual verification of a target text comparing its content with the content of the source text. The editor checks the target text for criteria such as spelling, numbers, punctuation, terminology, style, content, and much more. 


Proofreading is a monolingual review of an already revised text. We recommend proofreading for texts to be published or printed.


A review is a monolingual verification of a target text with regard to its suitability for the intended purpose. This may be necessary, for example, for translations that need to be carefully checked from a legal point of view and adapted to the legal requirements of the target country. 

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Excellent quality in B2B

For important translations that go to print, for example, we advise you to use the corresponding additional services. In addition, we offer foreign language typesetting and DTP services. Most of our business clients order an ISO 17100-compliant translation including revision.

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We will be happy to answer your questions about the above additional services and give you our recommendation on this. Your personal contact in our project management team will provide you with individual support. 


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