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Marketing translations & transcreation

Creative translation: Precise and stylistically confident on the pulse of the market

We at COMLOGOS are your reliable partner when it comes to professional marketing translations. We offer high-quality and creative translation of your website, PR materials, flyers and advertising, as well as transcreation and localisation services.

Your own stylistically confident language is essential for presenting your brand. The challenge is to convey your brand message and inspire the target group. It is important to know your target group and strike the right note. Our marketing translators ensure that your marketing campaign not only fits linguistically, but also culturally and regionally. We ensure that your message conveys a positive image in every target region to maximise your marketing impact.

Our specialist marketing translators are experienced native speakers and, thanks to their many years of expertise and specialisation in the fields of marketing, advertising and PR, your content will be optimally translated into the target language.

With our support, your texts will be a success worldwide!

To ensure the perfect layout, we recommend our Desktop Publishing (DTP)/foreign language typesetting service. Our graphic designers put your target-language content in the right place and ensure a perfect end result.

Possible text types
Webshop texts
Press releases
Training documents

What is transcreation?

Does your text influence the brand image?

If you can answer this question with “YES”, you might need our transcreation service. Transcreation combines a translation with a new creation. The result is creative and effective advertising copy that is tailored to the desired target group in a specific target market.

Website translations

If you also want to be successful internationally with your website, we recommend SEO translation. To ensure success, you must take into account and integrate keywords that are common in the respective target country. This will increase your chances of good positioning and high visibility in search engines. 

For website translations, we work with all common formats. Ideally, you provide us with your website as an export (.html, .xml. etc.) so that no texts are lost.

Customer testimonials

“We are thrilled with the COMLOGOS' dedication to service. They are the ones to follow when it comes to customer service! With quick and concrete feedback that leaves no questions unanswered – with binding delivery times and adherence to them – and all in a friendly manner.”
Marketing communication
“You can rely on COMLOGOS! Whether it’s a small brochure translation, a lengthy project or something short term, with COMLOGOS we have a strong and always competent partner at our side. COMLOGOS stands out with their unparalleled team – that’s why they are our go-to when it comes to translation requests!”

Your personal quote

If you would like to have a marketing text translated professionally, please contact us or request your free quote here. Your personal contact in our project management team will provide you with individual support.


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