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The importance of an SEO-ready website

Your website is an important marketing channel and the flagship of your company. In order to be found quickly by your target group in the depths of the search engines, it is essential to design your website in an SEO-friendly way. Would you like to expand your online presence and also be successful in your international target markets? We are happy to advise you! Our native-speaking SEO experts know what is important for a good search engine ranking.

Is an SEO-appropriate translation worthwhile?

Have you put a lot of effort into the SEO optimisation of your website or are you planning a relaunch? If you would like to have your website translated afterwards, we recommend an SEO-appropriate translation as this is the only way to efficiently reach your respective target group. For website translation we work with all common formats, such as:

  • html
  • xml
  • xlf
  • xliff (e.g. as export from WordPress MultiLingual)

The SEO translation takes various aspects into account:

  • Unique content: The target-language text must be relevant to the respective target audience and create real added value with unique content. Our native-speaker technical translators know the linguistic and cultural particularities of the target country and use their experience to provide effective translations.
  • Keywords: Besides the content, the so-called keywords, i.e. the search terms that are entered into the search engine, are an important tool on the way to a good ranking. Keywords cannot simply be translated. Instead, the search habits of the target group are determined, analysed and then sensibly incorporated. Sometimes less is more: the accumulation of keywords can disturb the reading flow and negatively influence the result. Keywords should therefore be used sparingly, but placed prominently.
  • Structure: The more reader-friendly the content is structured, the better the ranking. It is important to both design texts logically and attractively (e.g. through bulleted lists, headings and graphics) and include the keywords in the appropriate place.
  • Search engine: other countries, other search engines. In many countries, Google is the clear market leader, but depending on the target country, a different search engine is preferred. Other SEO criteria may play a role accordingly.
  • Metadata: Not only the “visible” content is taken into account by search engines. Metadata, such as descriptions, alt tags or URLs, also play a role in the evaluation and should therefore be localised.

SEO not only plays a role in the translation of a website. All content published online can be translated in an SEO-friendly way.

How do we achieve an SEO-appropriate translation?

  1. Coordination, briefing and advice
    We achieve the best possible result together with you! You are the expert in your field. You know the industry terminology, your customers, your competitors and exactly who you want to reach with your texts. All this input helps us to understand your needs and the search behaviour of your target group. Together we develop a briefing on how to best implement your requirements and wishes. In this first step, we also set the budget and time frame and define the responsibilities. A style guide can also be developed here in which your company-specific wording or other specifications are recorded. If you have not yet had any contact with SEO, we will be happy to advise you and find out together which service is suitable for you.
  2. Keyword research – and analysis 
    In the next step, our native-speaking SEO experts determine the keywords relevant to the target market. In the process, keywords are searched for that are suitable for the target text, taking into account the briefing and the search intention. In the subsequent keyword analysis, special tools are used to sort, categorise and prioritise the identified keywords.
  3. Translation/transcreation
    Once the keywords have been determined, the actual text creation begins. Your source text will be translated into the target language. Depending on the requirements, this can also be done as a transcreation in order to give the translator the greatest possible creative freedom. This way you get a tailor-made text that appeals specifically to your target audience. The keywords are incorporated appropriately and unobtrusively so that a natural reading flow is created.
  4. Revision according to ISO 17100
    For the finishing touches, a revision according to ISO 17100 is carried out by a second specialist translator after the translation. The target text is compared with the source text and checked for completeness as well as content and linguistic correctness.
  5. Follow-up translation
    From one translation to the next. To stay relevant for search engines, it is advisable to publish new content regularly. We’re happy to translate your blog posts, whitepapers, e-books etc. so that you stay current on the global stage.

Foreign-language websites are not created in a vacuum – SEO only works as a joint effort

As a translation agency with SEO competence, we focus on teamwork with you. Only with an intensive joint project and target description and your input can valuable and market-oriented content be created. At COMLOGOS, you can choose a complete solution or just individual modules of services, according to your needs.
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