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Our employees in quality, supplier and project management as well as in marketing and sales give their all in every project. Our commitment and passion is to provide translations of the highest quality. We ensure perfect communication in foreign languages through excellent language skills, innovative technology and a personal service. We seize every opportunity to improve our translation management processes and to contribute to your success.

Maren Aichele

Project management

Yvonne Berno-Vater

Sales and Marketing

Nina Lella

Project management

Pierangela Gullotta
Rita Kiefhaber

Management board

Alexandra Kraus

Project management

Annemarie Kugele

Project management

Torsten Schulze

Project management

Dietmar Simon

Management board

Focus on innovation!

We rely not only on excellent language skills, but also on innovative technologies that make our work more efficient and precise. By constantly evolving our translation management processes, we stay at the forefront of the industry to ensure you receive first-class services.

Your success is our motivation:

At COMLOGOS, we see ourselves not only as a service provider, but as a partner on your path to international success. Our quality, supplier and project management works hand in hand with our marketing and sales team to ensure that your requirements are not only met, but exceeded. Your satisfaction is our greatest success and we are passionate about it.

With COMLOGOS, discover a world of precise communication that knows no linguistic boundaries.

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