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Consulting and needs assessment

Many roads lead to ROME, or from German to Italian

Today, foreign language communication is a basic requirement for many internationally active companies. An important element here is correct and comprehensible translations.

You have specific requirements for translations and the collaboration involved. And you want to have your translation needs met permanently and with efficient processes.

Today's options for "producing" translations with the help of external service providers and tools are huge and quite confusing. The criteria for selecting the right translation service provider in terms of cooperation, processes and tools are manifold. The classic field of tension between price, turnaround time and quality is decisive here and it is important to strike the right balance.

We at COMLOGOS have extensive expertise and experience in this field, combined with a strong customer orientation. In discussion, we can develop and implement the best way for you to meet your translation needs in the short and medium term:

Translations have different quality levels

The parameters of time, cost/effort and quality are competing units in every business. It’s reasonable to want the best of all worlds, but is it affordable?

We at COMLOGOS translation agency help you to find a suitable solution. Below you will find the first target-oriented questions:

  • What do you need the translation for?
  • Who is your target group?
  • What are your requirements with regard to the comprehensibility and quality of the text?
  • Which specialist field and which industry are relevant for you?
  • Do you need translations for different departments?
  • What language combinations do you need?
  • How high do you estimate your current and future need to be?
  • According to which regulations, guidelines and standards do you work?
  • Do you already have translations, glossaries or company-specific terminology to use as reference?

By answering these questions first and coordinating seamless processes between you and COMLOGOS, combined with the use of translation memories, termbases and style guides, we can work extremely efficiently to provide huge added value.

  • Reasonably priced translations
  • High translation quality
  • Consistent terminology – internal and external

Consultation and implementation

In discussion with you, we jointly develop a concept to meet your future needs, allowing us to implement your requirements and framework conditions for translation, processes and cooperation in the best possible way. 

1. Use of Translation Memories (TMs)

Working with Translation Memory systems is standard practice in the translation industry today. It requires professional and careful handling to achieve the following advantages:

  • Higher quality through consistency
  • Higher quality through the use of specific verification tools and clear processes
  • Reduction of effort and costs through repetitions and matches from Translation Memories

Depending on the degree of consistency, repetitions in texts lead to considerable price reductions of up to 80% at a consistent quality. Especially with technical texts, such as operating and assembly instructions, considerable cost savings can be achieved.

Even with less similar texts, the use of TMs is beneficial in the long term, ensures quality and offers cost and time savings.

2. Use of terminology management

Professional terminology management ensures consistent terminology in your translations that is coordinated both internally and externally. This leads to:

  • Reduction in the workload for text creation
  • Quality improvement through consistency
  • Optimisation of comprehensibility for customers and service providers
  • Cost savings through reduced need for reworks
3. Use of style guides

Style guides are essential guidelines for the creation and translation of documents. A style guide helps to implement company-specific specifications and ensures compliance with your corporate identity across departments. In the case of a multilingual language style guide in particular, specifications relevant to the translation are defined, such as:

  • Personal form of address (different levels of formality depending on the language)
  • Signal words in accordance with ANSI Z535.4 (Danger/Warning/Caution/Notice)
  • Upper/lower case in headings (e.g. Title Capitalisation)
  • Punctuation (non-breaking spaces)
  • GUI terms – Graphical User Interface (how to work with texts for the graphical user interface? Are these translated, kept the same or kept the same with the translation in brackets?)
  • Graphics and non-editable texts (Should these be translated? If yes, by using text fields or by adding and translating them in a separate file?)
4. Seamless processes

Experience has shown that there is considerable potential for optimisation in process flows when it comes to translations and their commercial processing. Seamless processes are a significant factor. Therefore we offer you the following modules for an optimal project process:

  • Project coordination and exchange of information on your translation project and the required service.
  • Customer portal for the entire project management process from your enquiry to the delivery
  • Transparent quotes and order confirmations
  • Easy import/reimport of all common formats from editorial systems
  • Direct translation in your authoring system (e.g. WordPress)
  • Delivery in the desired file format with appropriate formatting
  • Coordination of the style guide
  • Creation and maintenance of customer-specific translation memories
  • Use of coordinated terminology with MultiTerm Online

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