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For legal texts, we rely exclusively on experienced and technically specialised translators. Regardless of the field of law involved, whether it is labour law, patent law, tax law, trade law, construction law, social law, criminal law, European law or international law, we literally take care of your rights. This is because legal translations require a corresponding, precise technical vocabulary in the different legal systems. In addition, these technical translations must be translated into the foreign language in a way that's legally watertight.

Your benefit with COMLOGOS: We work with specialist translators who are native speakers of the target language to ensure the highest quality.

For translations of legal texts we are the partner of choice for many law firms or legal departments in companies. Our customers in the legal industry rate our service, as it guarantees quality, care, precision and speed. COMLOGOS treats all data as strictly confidential.

Since translations of legal texts are often required at short notice, our process planning is optimised to meet this requirement. Our order processing is geared towards a fast, but also careful execution of your project. We ensure this by using modern digital technology, software and media. This applies to our project management as well as our translators.

For quality assurance purposes, the translators themselves check the translation for spelling and grammar. During the revision according to ISO 17100, the translation is then checked by a second specialist legal translator.

Overview of legal texts
General terms and conditions
Data protection regulation (GDPR)
Legal texts
Financial documents
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Judicial/court documents

Certified translations

In general, authorities, courts, institutions and offices require certified translations of documents. A certified translation must be done by a sworn translator who is duly authorised by the district court. The translator confirms this with their attestation clause, with their signature and with a stamp. The sworn translators working for COMLOGOS certify that the translation is a true and accurate reproduction of the original document. If a document is to be recognised abroad, a Hague Apostille is usually required, which must be applied for at the responsible office.

COMLOGOS pays attention to all details for your dealings with the authorities and your official business.

The world is spinning fast

The law is the basis for your business, it is the standard for your contract. Globalisation has put the economy on a new footing. Legal standards determine everyday life, they profoundly define the rules of engagement and determine their validity – geographically and chronologically. International lawyers increasingly rely on professional quality assurance and translation services, be it for the translation of certificates or employment contracts, for the preparation of quotations for tenders or international project consortia. Native-speaking, experienced technical translators are the key to quality and speed for your translations.

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If you would like to have a text translated professionally, please contact us or request your free quote here. Your personal contact in our project management team will provide you with individual support. 


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