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Uncomplicated partnership with our customers

All projects at a glance at all times

All translation projects, orders and invoices just a click away whenever you need them: it’s no problem with our customer portal COMLOGin.

Easy handling, fast response times and many other advantages await you. Uploading large amounts of data and mutual file exchange is no longer an issue. Put an end to the flood of e-mails: manage your translation projects centrally and keep an eye on the delivery dates and order status at all times.

“The customer portal is easy to use. I really like the transparency behind every process and the information I can get about all orders that have already been completed.”
Construction project manager, SMS Maschinenbau GmbH

Your advantages with COMLOGin

The advantages of using COMLOGin are immense:

  • Access from any web browser at any time
  • Large amounts of files can be exchanged effortlessly
  • All invoices available for download
  • Fewer queries in response to your requests due to detailed input screen
  • Faster processing times through project management

You can check the project's progress  at any time. This way, everyone in the team can see the status of the project meaning fewer queries. All data, files and documents are together in a password-protected portal – nothing gets lost in your e-mail's spam folder. We achieve additional data security through two-factor authentication via e-mail. The user-defined status reports, which can be individually created, analysed and archived, are also very useful. Quick decisions, a systematic overview and more efficient translation projects thanks to COMLOGin. Try it our and get in touch with project management today at mail@comlogos.com.

This is what COMLOGin looks like

COMLOGin customer portal

Illustration: Excerpt from the enquiry screen

The input fields are described in detail and cover all possibilities for your request.


Leaflet on the topic

Download our leaflet on the COMLOGin customer portal here for free. 

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