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Watch the COMLOGOS video to see what is important in a good translation.

Uwe is a technical editor, responsible for the documentation of large plants and machines, and is given a new, additional task. For Uwe, this “small task” becomes a sub-project and time is pressing. Will the task eventually become a reason to give up?

Go on a journey with Uwe and COMLOGOS: Discover the cultural aspects of language and learn about the different understandings of language in different countries. Discover the difference between a switch, a button and a counter.
And imagine that the machine in Portugal should also have an interruptor or a botão or a comutador. Or anywhere else in the world.

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Our company video on the homepage not only gives you a glimpse behind the scenes at COMLOGOS, but also shows you how we provide professional translations. Immerse yourself in the world of technical translations and experience how our dedicated team of specialist translators from different industries and regions work together to convey your message with the utmost accuracy and cultural sensitivity.

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