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    „Translation is very easy.“ (Übersetzer zum Kunden)
    „Übersetzen ist ganz einfach.“ (ferryman to passenger)

    You can see in the COMLOGOS video what to look for in a good translation.
    Uwe is a technical editor, responsible for the documentation of large plants and machines, and is being given a new, additional task. For Uwe, this “small task” is a subproject and time is of the essence.
    Will the task finally be a reason to give up?
    Take a journey with Uwe and COMLOGOS: discover the cultural aspects of language and learn about the different understanding of language in various countries. Discover the difference between a switch, a button and a counter.

    And imagine if the machine in Portugal is also meant to have an interruptor or a botão or a comutador. Or in China. There it is also meant to have switches…


    Video in Chinese

    We understand you. Worldwide.
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    Here you can learn more about our certifications and the revised certification for translation services (DIN EN 15038 has become ISO 17100).