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Machine neural translation systems have developed enormously in recent years in terms of quality and their potential areas of use!

With a professional process and the appropriate tools, machine translations can already be produced to a high standard today. Machine or automated translation (MT) is produced by a so-called engine – a specially trained computer programme. The MT output is then checked by qualified post-editors

Machine translation with full post-editing can achieve the same quality as a human translation. The requirements for this process are described in the DIN ISO 18587 standard for the “post-editing of machine translations”, a standard to which we are certified.

Choose the path to the future. Machine or human

  • Machine translation is reasonably priced
  • Machine translation is fast
  • Machine translation without appropriate tools and post-editing is often not correct, complete or understandable

For the best possible quality, we recommend machine translations with full post-editing

What does "full post-editing" (FPE) mean?

Full post-editing means the checking of the machine translation against the source text. In full post-editing, the following points are taken into account to ensure that the target text is correct, comprehensible and stylistically appropriate:

  • Comprehensibility
  • Correspondence of the source and target text content
  • Consistent terminology
  • Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, semantics
  • Adaptation of date and time specifications, units of measurement, currencies, etc.
  • Correct formatting
  • Suitability for target group and purpose
  • Editing of offensive, inappropriate or culturally unacceptable content
A more affordable alternative is machine translation with light post-editing

Light post-editing is about making as few changes as possible to the MT raw output to make the translation understandable, factual and grammatically correct. 

Light post-editing includes: 

  • Correction of grammatical and spelling errors that affect the meaning only
  • Partial or complete paraphrasing of confusing sentences
  • Correction of machine-induced errors in the content
  • Deletion of unnecessary or additional translation alternatives generated by the neural machine

The localised text must correctly reflect the meaning of the source concepts. Only serious errors such as incomprehensible content and errors that confuse the meaning or incorrect terminology are taken into account. The resulting content may sound robotic, but it is fluid enough for readers to get the point. The key phrases for light post-editing are "factual correctness" and "understandable enough". 

What are the advantages of machine translation?

Speed: For time-critical projects, a machine translation can be significantly faster than a human translation, about 2–3 times depending on the project.

Costs: The costs for machine translation only amount to about 50–60% of those for a human translation, depending on the project.

Translation memories (TMs): Existing content can be reused. This ensures that your translation is consistent, accurate and complete.

Whenever you need a particularly quick or cost-effective translation, you should consider whether machine translation would be worthwhile. It should be noted that your existing translation memories will be used in combination with the engine to increase the translation speed as efficiently as possible.

For which texts can machine translation be used?

You should always check in advance to see whether the text in question is at all suitable for MT. Here, the purpose of the translation and the quality of the text to be translated must be taken into account.

Texts with these characteristics are not suitable for machine translation:

  • Safety-related (legal, personal, machine safety)
  • Texts with many names (product lists, product descriptions)
  • Legal texts
  • Marketing texts, advertising slogans/texts (transcreation)
  • Texts that contain many errors or are poorly formatted
  • Highly specialised texts for which sufficient data material is not yet available

If you are also bound by standards and directives (CE, VDE, Machinery Directive, ISO standards, IEC 82079, etc.), a human translation with revision according to ISO 1710 is also usually required.

Our language combinations for machine translation:

Available for the following language directions from German

Available for the following language directions into German

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