Certified quality

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Certified quality

As a professional translation agency, we only work with native-speaking and professionally qualified translators for all world languages. We have more than 15 years of market experience, which means you can rely on excellent advice and service delivery. All our translators work with appropriate CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools. This means we achieve high-quality results for you in any desired specialist field.  

Certifications – the seal of our work

Independent certification and related documentation are the basis for a long-term collaborative relationship between you and COMLOGOS. We constantly conduct internal audits to ensure quality and secure our processes.

There are specific qualification requirements for all internal and external employees (e.g. our translators are always native speakers with a specialist background).
We have a precisely defined and documented process and project management.

Certified quality according to ISO 17100

The ISO 17100 standard defines the translation process, the qualifications of the translators used and the procedure according to the four-eye principle. This represents a huge difference in quality compared to translation firms and agencies that do not work in line with ISO 17100. The LICS® (Language Industry Certification System) certificate means that COMLOGOS is regularly audited and recertified by a professionally competent auditor. COMLOGOS consequently offers you a professional, ISO 17100-compliant service in all global languages. 

Our additional services according to ISO 17100:

This is a bilingual verification of a target text in comparison with the source text with regard to its suitability for the intended purpose.

The review is a monolingual verification of a target text with regard to its suitability for the intended purpose.

An edited target text is checked and the necessary corrections are made before printing.

Certified quality according to ISO 18587

ISO 18587 sets out requirements for the machine translation process and the qualifications of the post-editors used. All post-editors go through a multi-stage evaluation process before they are allowed to edit your projects. They must be able to prove their qualifications (according to ISO 18587) and experience. This represents a huge difference in quality compared to translation firms and agencies that do not work in line with ISO 18587.

Certified quality according to ISO 9001

ISO 9001 describes the QM system of the respective company and thus determines, among other things, that the company is able to

  • consistently deliver products and services;
  • put customer satisfaction at the centre;
  • carry out a continuous improvement process;
  • build trust with customers;
  • provide documentation of processes and procedures

Excellent quality in B2B

For important translations that go to print, for example, we advise using our ISO 17100-compliant additional services. We also offer foreign language typesetting and DTP services for the right layout. The majority of our business clients order an ISO 17100-compliant translation with revision by a second specialist translator. For documents, such as contracts, certificates and balance sheets, it is possible to have the translation performed and certified by sworn translators.

CAT tools, such as Trados and MultiTerm, are used consistently by our company and our translators – with all the benefits for the quality and consistency of the translation.

Our project managers and translators check every translation before delivery to ensure high quality.


In addition to the certifications described, we are members of various associations and have other partnerships and certifications:

  • COMLOGOS project managers are trained ECQA Certified Terminology Managers
  • We are a partner company in the  Trados LSP partner programme
  • COMLOGOS is TEKOM member
  • COMLOGOS is a BDÜ member
  • COMLOGOS is a QUANOS-certified service provider

COMLOGOS employees
have been awarded the certificate of the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA) 

Logo LICS-ISO17100

is certified according to ISO 17100 as a LICS translation service provider.

Logo SDL-LSP-Partner

is certified LSP by RWS

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is a member of the German Association for Technical Communication and Information Development (tekom).

Logo Lics-ISO-18587

is certified according to ISO 18587 for machine translation post-editing

Logo QAS International

is certified according to ISO 9001 for translation services

Logo Quants Content Solutions

is a certified translation service provider (for SCHEMA ST4) of Quanos Content Solutions

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