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Advantages of terminology databases
A technical text with consistent terminology is easier to understand and translate. There is less need for clarification, fewer correction loops and the risk of incorrect operation is also reduced for the users. So many advantages – so why don’t all companies consciously stick to fixed, company-specific terminology?

At first, the effort seems great, but you can see the results in no time: faster text creation, better comprehensibility, lower translation costs and time savings.

The process for building a terminology database could look like this:

  1. Define the company-specific terminology in the source language, agree on it throughout the company and make it available to all users, e.g. in the form of an Excel list. As your terminology partner, we will of course help you with the coordination process as well as with setting up the terminology.
  2. All corresponding foreign language translations are added and the terminology is made available to you.
  3. A validation process of the foreign-language terms is carried out by employees of your company, subsidiaries or branches, or even customers, and the terms are agreed upon.
  4. Once the termbase is in place, regular maintenance and further development by defined members in your company as well as from our side is important. 

Browser-based tool support

COMLOGOS provides you with a browser-based tool to help maintain and manage your corporate terminology. Everyone involved in your company can view the terminology online. Persons with write access can also make changes. A high degree of individualisation is possible, both visually and functionally.


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E-book on the topic

For more information, we have created an e-book on terminology management for you. You can download this for free in the download area.

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We are happy to advise you on your terminology project: COMLOGOS employs trained project managers, some of whom have completed the ECQA-certified Terminology Manager Advanced training.

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