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Subtitles & Transcription

Subtitling and transcription - specific elements of communication in the source and foreign language

Subtitling – communicating silently

Subtitling is more important than ever – whether in public environments where films and television content are played without sound, or when accommodating the hard of hearing or hearing impaired. Subtitling makes content and messages linguistically accessible. It is much cheaper to produce than additional audio tracks with speakers in different languages.

Transcription and text capture – from speech to text

In order to make audio and video recordings of events, interviews and meetings possible for documentation and evaluation, they must be recorded in writing. 

We transcribe these recordings into corresponding documents (transcripts). In addition to this written form, gestural or mimic forms of expression can also be taken into account, i.e. it is possible to consider gestures, non-verbal communication and other special features. The available, large “margin” of characteristics to be taken into account must be clarified in advance.

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