Optimisation of your foreign language technical documentation

Technical editing service package

Optimise the creation of your foreign language technical documentation

If source texts are already created with international use in mind, this has advantages for your customers such as better comprehensibility, avoidance of inconsistencies, fewer queries/errors during application. There are also benefitsfor translation, such as reducingcosts and avoiding queries. Translation errors are avoided, thereby reducing translation costs and effort.

Our “Technical Editing” service package offers you the perfect solution, adapted to your specific expectations! Our complete package includes text checking and improvement, including graphics, by using simple language and observing the rules of translation-oriented writing as well as the creation of a style guide. Joint terminology management leads to optimised source texts and secure, reasonably priced translations into the desired languages.

Together we optimise the processes and interfaces of the parties involved and the systems/programmes used for seamless cooperation with the best results. We support your controlling with regular reports on the services provided and their benefits.

Technical editing service package

Optimisation of the source texts

We help you create high-quality, consistent source texts that are easy for users to understand and that enhance translation into any desired target language. With our support, you can create reusable texts and save time in text creation today and in the future.

Our complete package includes text checking and improvement using the recommendations for translation-oriented writing and simple language.

What we do: We review your source texts and optimise language and terminology, also with regard to subsequent translations. We also look at existing, non-editable graphics and graphic texts in general to make them easier to translate.

Developing a style guide together

A style guide is developed in close consultation with all parties involved and this is used to record relevant information for the text creation. With a style guide developed together with you as the client, we ensure that these design guidelines are not disregarded.

All specifications such as company-specific wording and structure of the texts are agreed upon. This document serves as a blueprint for your staff and us for the design of texts and formatting. Style guides ensure a uniform appearance and consistency in the use of language and structure.

Terminology management

With the introduction and use of appropriate terminology management, you ensure uniform terminology in your texts and guarantee consistency across different documentation. Our optimised source texts enable secure and reasonably priced translations into the target languages.

If there are already internally used terminology lists such as glossaries, we will help you to organise and catalogue them and make them accessible to all stakeholders with the help of suitable tools.

Don't have an established terminology base yet? No problem! We support you in the entire process – from terminology development to the provision of terms, in your company language as well as in other target languages.

Seamless translation process

You use tools and processes to create your technical documentation, such as Office programmes or a CRM system. Using precise analysis, we find out how time and costs can be saved. This in turn benefits the translation process with modularisation and automation of the workflow. For translation, this means that, for example, when using a modular editorial system, only the new or updated text modules are ever fed into the translation, which saves time and money and avoids errors.

Furthermore, we can simplify the work process by establishing direct contact with your regular translators and offering them linguistic advice, among other things.

Verifiable advantages

Benefit from better and more consistent source texts, greater comprehensibility and fewer queries, faster text creation and time savings on translations. When it comes to controlling, you will regularly receive a report on the services provided and their benefits based on certain parameters. This helps you monitor progress.

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