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    Medical technology

    What keeps us agile: native languages.

    People have always been involved in medicine. However, Goethe’s statement claiming that “the spirit of medicine is easy to grasp” is hardly correct. There is hardly any other discipline where success is dependent on the success of the language. COMLOGOS has been your global partner since 2007.

    If we embrace medicine as a practice-orientated empirical science based on physics, biology and chemistry, this means that we have to translate the term medical technology as an application of engineering principles and rules. Today the classical approach has to be extended with legislation, globalisation and electronics as well as with globally networked interdisciplinary research and development. COMLOGOS is setting linguistic standards for your global service providers, products services and documents – in tissue or clinical engineering, medical informatics or diagnostic imaging.

    The medical language world is rapidly evolving in the East and West. COMLOGOS therefore focuses on native language to supply you with healthy statements you can trust. We are constantly learning for you. We help you to keep an eye on your core business. This is our service.


    We translate.

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