SOFTWARE LOCALISATION – Think global, act local

Software [ˈsɒf(t)wɛː] (definition = is a part of a computer system that consists of data or computer instructions where soft = easily adaptable components) is a collective term for programs and related data. In addition, it can also include accessory components, such as software documentation in a digital or printed manual.
(Translation of

Your software, our project

The project involves the subsequent localisation of software and documentation with a high expenditure of time and costs. The software and documentation must be adapted in good time to international legislation, such as date, time, currency and temperature information as well as measurement units and conversion rates.

Developers are therefore reluctant to speak about software as “soft, easily adaptable goods” because when we refer to “hardware”, we do not speak about it in the true sense of the word
in English: “ironware”. For us, the correct term is “computer hardware”.

We know that.

Translations required as part of a software localisation project are processed with terminology programs and added into the program codes using professional tools (e.g. SDL Passolo). A TM system protects the program codes against inadvertent changes.

COMLOGOS is your reliable partner for the protected translation of …

  • Application software
  • Information structures, such as database records and source codes
  • Websites and shop systems
  • Communication levels, buttons, menus, context search
  • Software documentation and (digital) manuals
  • Templates, dictionaries and documents

We pay attention to your details. We know what we translate: Software consists of languages and notations in which it is formulated.

We understand language – put us to the test!

COMLOGOS – your partner for projects
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