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    Price, quality and delivery time – conflicting goals?

    COMLOGOS principles form the basis for your high-quality translation. Our mission is to provide a healthy balance for you between the requirements, such as price and delivery time, and the best possible quality in the long term.

    Why cheap can sometimes become expensive

    Translations are a sophisticated and individual service. A unilateral consideration of costs can have serious implications for the understanding and correctness of the text. COMLOGOS is continuously synonymous with lower prices and higher quality!

    We achieve your goals

    • The continuous use of modern translation software, which enables us to store your translations and terminology and use them again
    • The 4-eye principle and certified quality assurance
    • The careful selection of technically competent native-speaking translators
    • Efficient communication and the secure exchange of data
    • A trusting collaborative relationship based on streamlined and meticulous processes
    • Individual client advice and common workflows
    • A sustainable and feedback-orientated collaborative relationship

    At COMLOGOS. we therefore also think about your next translation project:

    infographic costs

    Cost transparency: Reduction in translation costs

    You want your translation on time – this is also our commitment!

    Find out in our video precisely how we work, how precisely we work and also what we can do for you.

    Price + value = added value.

    COMLOGOS – we have your costs under control.

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