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    Terminology science + terminology work = terminology management

    National and international standardisation institutions (DIN, ISO etc.) have published a wide range of specialist terminology standards. These include binding multilingual terminology for many specialist fields. At ISO, these standards are referred to as “vocabulary” and often contain at least the three official ISO languages – English, French and Russian.

    COMLOGOS maintains and controls your terminology work. We cluster your terminology into the basic concepts of terminology science, such as “term”, “designation”, “definition”. We work with you to define the right “term system” for you.

    COMLOGOS focuses on the BDÜ standards and the rules of the ISO 17100 certification.

    Good reasons

    There are good reasons for terminology work and that's why you should actively work with COMLOGOS on the terminology management of names for brands, products and product structures as well for the designation of organisational units or functions and much more.


    There are benefits for quality and the collaborative relationship for both you and us: improve your time-to-market, avoid unnecessary costs, protect against liability issues and optimise your project management through terminology management with COMLOGOS.

    Your specialist departments involved in terminology management include development, product and product database management as well as higher-level or associated functions, such as marketing, sales and others.

    COMLOGOS offers you the benefit of a professionally created and managed terminology database (termbase) from the outset. We maintain the central platform, which your employees can rely on for your texts and internal and external translations. You get your specific dictionary in the required languages based on your terminology database.

    The benefits for you

    Terminology errors are THE main reason for complaints; they lead to correction costs, communication problems, project delays, damage to a company's image and, in the worst case scenario, to property damage and personal injury.

    Terminology management with COMLOGOS significantly increases the proportion of consistent terminology in your company’s specialist texts.

    Your product already requires clearly translatable definitions and skilfully selected and easy-to-implement terms, designations and definitions for the go-to-market modelling – in one consistent term system.

    Whether with COMLOGOS in the translation phase or at any time during the product development or during a relaunch or facelift – during the project planning stage in an additional language or in a new sales area:

    Take advantage of terminology management with COMLOGOS.