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    Your eyes are also involved!

    Graphic products, such as brochures or printed advertisements, are the ultimate discipline in translation.

    COMLOGOS helps you to take account of the distinctive features: there is almost always a different relationship between words and pictures and texts and headings are longer or shorter. The correct terminology, special country-specific symbols or different characters can test the limits of a fixed page layout set to CD / CI. This means that the story is often lost and, in turn, printing and shipping costs can change or new promotional displays and brochure stands for trade fairs have to be purchased at the last minute.

    Quality in words and pictures: Foreign language typesetting / DTP with COMLOGOS

    COMLOGOS produces your foreign language typesetting with ultimate perfection at all levels. We set documents in Latin, Cyrillic, Asian and Oriental typefaces. We adapt words and pictures so as to retain the character of the original. This way, your documents always retain their look and reliably convey your message.

    Print ready with COMLOGOS: translations and foreign language typesetting from a single source


    We take the pressure off you right up to the preprinting stage. Our translators and graphic artists finalise your documents to suit your requirements right up to the proof for layout control.

    Your final files contain all the relevant typesetting information that can then be used digitally or in an offset process by your print shop right up until the finishing stage.

    Your word – our services: COMLOGOS

    Take advantage of our know-how; we work with all popular file formats in our foreign language typesetting work:

    • Adobe Acrobat PDF, Illustrator, InDesign,
    • Adobe FrameMaker, FreeHand, PageMaker
    • Auto­CAD
    • Corel­D­RAW, Quar­kX­Press
    • … others on request

    We are also happy to check and edit your files in

    • HTML, XML
    • Microsoft Word, Excel
    • Microsoft Visio, PowerPoint