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    Translation memories pay off

    The consistency of translations plays an important part, which COMLOGOS ensures through the use of translation memories (TMs). The same term is always translated in the same way, thus enhancing the quality of the translation and the speed in delivering the project. You get translations with reliable terminology and a real price benefit.

    The high quality of the TMs is particularly important for COMLOGOS. We continuously guarantee this through ongoing quality assurance.

    • We coordinate, build up and maintain your company-specific terminology.
    • TMs are updated as standard after every new translation assignment.
    • If required, we clean up existing databases to remove duplications and inconsistencies and correct formal and linguistic errors.
    • We can create terminology databases for your terminology.

    What is meant by a translation memory

    Sentence databases, so-called translation memories, are used at COMLOGOS. Translations are continuously stored during the translation process so that they can be reused for new texts in the future. TMs contain the source texts and the target texts carefully prepared by our translators.

    Recurring sentences can account for up to 40% or more of the entire text material in the communication of a company. Repetitions do not have to be translated again and again through the use of a TM. This enables us to realise your projects faster. Maintenance of the TMs also enhances the quality of the translations.

    COMLOGOS creates a client-specific translation memory for every client!

    Software, word processing and DTP programs

    So as to be able to edit texts from word processing and DTP programs with a TM system, the source text is removed from the respective files and imported into the translation memory system. The layout used is protected and the translated texts are reimported back into the source program.

    When translating software (localisation), the program codes are protected against inadvertent changes with the help of a TM system.

    COMLOGOS is a certified partner of SDL.