TRANSLATION MEMORIES – improvement regarding quality, costs & time

Translation memories pay off.

Efficiency is of great importance when translating more and more documents and content. At COMLOGOS, we ensure this through the use of translation memories (TMs). This not only enhances the speed in delivering the project, but also the consistency and quality of your translations.

The high quality of the TMs is particularly important for COMLOGOS. We continuously guarantee this through the ongoing maintenance of translation memories.

  • Language combination specific TMs are updated as standard after every new translation assignment.
  • If required, we clean up existing databases to remove duplications and inconsistencies and correct formal and linguistic errors.
  • By using a terminology database, your company-specific terminology can be taken into account or can be newly created during translation.

What is a translation memory?

Translation memories are so-called sentence databases and, as the name implies, complete sentences or segments (such as headings or bullet points) are stored in them. Thus, TMs contain the source texts of your documents and the corresponding target texts carefully prepared by our translators. A source-language sentence (segment) is always stored in connection with the corresponding target-language sentence. COMLOGOS creates one customer-specific TM for each language combination, which is used exclusively for the translation of your documents.

Translations are continuously stored during the translation process so that they can be reused for new texts in the future.

Recurring sentences can account for up to 40% or more of the entire text material in the communication of a company. These recurring sentences/segments do not have to be translated again and again through the use of a TM. This not only saves time when processing your translation projects, but also money in the long term. Maintenance of the TMs also enhances the quality of your translations.

Company-specific and your preferred terms can also be transferred to a terminology database (TB) if required. In a TB, cross-project technical terms relevant to your industry and your specialist field are stored. We would be happy to create a new TB for you and expand it continuously during new translation projects. Does your company have Excel lists or glossaries with company-specific technical terms? We are happy to import these into a TB so that your preferred technical terms can be used by our translators when preparing your translations.

Translation Memory
Translation Memory – display of language pairs in source and target language


How we work.

As a certified partner of SDL, COMLOGOS works with the CAT tool SDL Trados Studio to create and manage your translations and the terminology management tool SDL MultiTerm to create and manage your terminology database (TB). A CAT tool is a computer software that supports the translation process and is used by all our specialist translators and terminologists. During translation, a word can be highlighted in the source and target language and directly added to the TB as a “term”. Thus, for future translations, the terms stored in the TB are displayed as a suggestion during translation and can be used directly by the translator – for the consistency of your translations.

Your documents are imported into our CAT tool before translation. It is important that open file formats are used and not, for example, PDF files. Even though the processing of PDF files with Trados is possible, a perfect recognition and segmentation of your texts cannot be guaranteed. Scanned PDF files, for example, are therefore first converted by us into Word files so that instead of an incomprehensible jumble of letters, the correct content of your documents can actually be imported into Trados and translated by our qualified specialist translators.

We can do more: our services at a glance.

  • Technical translations
  • Translations of technical texts
  • Marketing translations
  • Machine translations
  • Terminology management/terminology work
  • Transcreation of advertising texts
  • International SEO translations
  • Foreign language typesetting (DTP)
  • Proofreading
  • Software localisation


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