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The importance of a good website

A website is an essential channel for marketing your products and brand. It is therefore the embodiment of marketing and sales, and, considered as a whole, of your company. Successful foreign-language websites in themselves represent a great challenge in terms of marketing and technology, which means a great deal of effort. With foreign-language websites, linguistic and cultural aspects must also be taken into account.

You are wondering what you have to consider for a successful foreign-language and high performance website and how you should estimate the financial and time expenditure for your planning?

COMLOGOS takes you by the hand! Here are the first questions that need to be asked (preferably together in an INITIAL DISCUSSION):

  • SEO performance: Do I have a valid overview (status quo) of the performance (performance and traffic figures such as visitors, ranking, loading speed, keywords, content, etc.) of my websites, i.e. for the respective target markets?
  • Technology: Who will take care of all my questions regarding technical implementation, corrections, administration and maintenance of the programs and plug-ins, hosting, programming or optimisations?
  • Manpower & finance: What personnel and financial expenditure does the design of effective foreign-language websites entail? Which benefits/ROI do I achieve? So what does my budget planning look like?
  • Situation analysis: Which relevant country-specific adaptations of the website can we do ourselves and which ones do we have to outsource?
  • Target definition: Which of all measures are addressed and which approach ensures lasting and successful results of our foreign-language websites in the target country?

The be-all and end-all of successful international SEO:

Unique content: Content is “King” – you need relevant and “real” content that is interesting and profitable for the reader of the website.

Seconds count: Linguistic quality, a logical and structured design, valuable content comprehensibility and clarity of the website lead the reader to the right page areas and leave a good impression.

Keywords: The content of the website contains the “right” keywords with the matching synonyms. The keywords are applied in the texts in a meaningful way and the number of keywords matches the entire text (keyword density).

Structure and technology for users and search engines: A consistent, comprehensible and well usable structure of the website is given. The website embodies a consistent style (CI). These features can be made country-specific for linguistic and cultural reasons.The technical aspects for the design and input of the website such as page speed / metatexts are optimised in the foreign language.

Requirements of the search engines in the target country: If necessary, specific aspects of different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu have to be considered for an optimisation.

Processes/tools: Processes, technology and procedures are defined together from the beginning and automated as far as possible. Our translation tool SDL TRADOS is linked to your website program (e.g. WordPress with WPML). Optimisation tools (Google Search Engine, PageSpeed Insights, XOVI, Sistrix, …) are integrated into the development process.

Target countries and languages: SEO-experienced translators support you with SEO-compatible translation and keyword research. SEO texts, headlines & slogans are developed or adapted by our translators & transcreators for the target groups in the target country.

Our SEO project process with you:

SEO Übersetzung

1. Initial discussion:

Clarification of and advice on procedure, expenditure (time/cost) and course of the project.

2. Situation analysis:

Analysis regarding technology, content, further SEO criteria. Evaluation of important aspects and key figures (ranking, keywords, texts, competition, technology):

  • Derivation of potentials / determination of requirements
  • Recommendation for further joint approach and quotation for the services and costs incurred

3. Project planning:

  • Preparation of an overview and determination of the procedure
  • Agreement on budget and responsibilities

4. Implementation (technology and processes):

  • Definition of technology and processes for the design of the websites and SEO optimisation
  • Use of appropriate tools for keyword research for Google, Amazon and others
  • Optimisation of the technical aspects of the website regarding structure, headlines, meta tags and, if necessary, for the preparation of campaigns (Google Ads)

5. Implementation (content and translations):

  • Tool-supported keyword research by native-speaking SEO experts in the target language and target country
  • Optimisation for the search engines used
  • SEO-optimised translations with keyword incorporation
  • Transcreation of slogans/headlines/texts to texts in the target language that fit the content and culture

6. Evaluation

  • Evaluation of the measures and the results/successes achieved
  • Recommendation for further steps for optimisation / additional measures


Foreign-language websites are not created in a vacuum – SEO only works in a joint effort

The design of foreign-language websites requires cooperation and task distribution within the internal and external team. Different technical skills must be integrated here and managed by COMLOGOS project management.

As a translation agency with SEO competence, we focus on teamwork with you. Only with an intensive joint project and target description and your input can a valuable and market-oriented content be created.

At COMLOGOS, you can book a complete solution or just individual modules of services, according to your needs.

Send us an enquiry now or give us a call.

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