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Romania and the Romanian language


Romania (România), with an area of 238,391 km² and a population of 19.9 million, is located on the Black Sea in the transition area between Central, Southern and Eastern Europe. The Republic is surrounded by five other countries: Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova.

The Romanian language, like French or Italian, is one of the Romance languages, with Romanian being the easternmost Romance language. As the official language of Romania and the Republic of Moldova and as a minority language in other countries, Romanian is currently spoken by a total of 34 million people.

Until 1862, Romanian was written with Cyrillic letters. However, today the Romanian alphabet consists of Latin letters including five special characters: a, ă, â, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, î, j, (k), l, m, n, o, p, (q), r, s, ș, t, ț, u, v, (w), x, (y), z.


German-Romanian economic relations

Germany is the most important trading partner for Romania. This is because 18.6 per cent of Romanian exports go to Germany, and Germany invests in Romania primarily in the automotive supply industry.

The Danube, one of Romania’s most important transport routes, also plays an essential role in this context. More than 1,000 km of the river, which is a convenient connection between Romania and Germany, is located in Romania.

Diplomatic relations between Romania and the Federal Republic of Germany have existed since 1967. In 1992, the two countries concluded a treaty of friendship. Since then, there have been close German-Romanian relations on both an economic and cultural level. In cultural terms, this is particularly reflected in school and university partnerships.


Excellent Romanian translations from COMLOGOS

Romania is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. Due to this fact and the good German-Romanian relationship, there is a high demand for high-quality translations and professional terminology management – here COMLOGOS acts as an expert for Romanian technical translations.

Requested language combinations at COMLOGOS:

  • Romanian – German
  • German – Romanian
  • Romanian – English
  • English – Romanian

COMLOGOS’ technical translators are committed to the native-speaker principle and therefore translate exclusively into their native language.

You could not find the language combination you were looking for to or from Polish in the list? No problem – simply contact our project management team and let us know which language combination you need.


COMLOGOS – Your ISO-17100 certified translation agency for Romanian technical translations

Do you need a translation to or from Romanian in best quality? We offer high-quality technical translations in the following areas, among others: Automotive, automation technology, chemistry, electrical engineering, IT, mechanical engineering, medical technology, measurement technology, marketing, medicine, pharmaceuticals and law. Our portfolio also includes services such as revision, terminology management, post-editing, transcreation and DTP. Simply use our online enquiry form and send us your enquiry. We will provide you with an individual and free quotation. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

We are located in Fellbach near Stuttgart and operate nationwide as well as internationally. Regardless of whether you work in a city in Baden-Wuerttemberg or another federal state, e.g. in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Constance, Ulm, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Berlin or Hamburg, or even come from Bucharest (București),  Timișoara or Cluj-Napoca – COMLOGOS offers you translation services of the highest quality. Do you have any more questions? Then call us or write to us. We are happy to advise you.


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