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Welcome! – Or as they say in Poland: Serdecznie witamy!

Polish (Polski) belongs to the Slavic languages and has strong similarities with Czech and Slovakian. More than 40 million people speak Polish as their native language. Most of them live in Poland. However, Polish is spoken as a minority language in many countries such as Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia.
There are numerous dialects in Polish. Mainly, a distinction is made between six groups: Greater Polish, Lesser Polish, Masovian, Silesian, Kashubian and mixed dialects.

The Polish alphabet consists of 32 characters. In addition to 23 letters of the Latin alphabet (except Q q, V v and X x), Polish contains the following letters, which contain diacritical signs: Ą ą, Ć ć, Ę ę, Ł ł, Ń ń, Ó ó, Ś ś, Ź ź and Ż ż.
There are diacritical signs in many Latin alphabets. These are lines, dots, hooks, circles or arcs that are inserted above, below or inside a letter to indicate emphasis/pronunciation that differs from a “regular” letter. The only letters with diacritical signs in German are the umlauts Ä ä, Ö ö and Ü ü.

Since 2004, Polish has been an official language of the European Union. A total of 24 official languages are included:

German French Italian Dutch Danish
English Greek Portuguese Spanish Finnish
Swedish Estonian Latvian Lithuanian Maltese
Polish Slovak Slovenian Czech Hungarian
Bulgarian Irish Romanian Croatian

German-Polish economic relations

Of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Poland has now developed into Germany’s largest trading partner. In particular, vehicles as well as automotive parts, electrical engineering, chemical products, machinery and equipment are imported from Germany to Poland. In turn, the main exports from Poland to Germany are automotive parts and accessories, household appliances, furniture and food.

However, not only Poland, but the Eastern European countries in general have become increasingly important trading partners for Germany in recent years. For example, trade with the three other members of the Visegrad Group, which includes Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, also grew.

International trade has been facilitated, among other things, by the Schengen Agreement and the resulting opening of the borders between the now 26 member states. The agreement, whose name is derived from the place it was signed (Schengen in Luxembourg), was originally concluded in 1985 between Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Grade A quality Polish translations

Due to trade relations not only throughout Europe but also worldwide, there is a high demand for first-class technical translations. As a quality-conscious translation agency, we work with over 350 exclusively qualified, native-speaking specialist translators and offer you grade A technical translations for specialist areas such as automotive, plant engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, medical technology, marketing and law.

Requested language combinations to and from Polish:

  • Polish – German
  • German – Polish
  • Polish – English
  • English – Polish

You could not find the language combination you were looking for to or from Polish in the list? No problem – just contact our project management team and let us know which language combination you need.

COMLOGOS – your language service provider for Polish technical translations

Do you need a translation into or from Polish? Simply use our online enquiry form and send us your enquiry. We will provide you with an individual and free quotation. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

We are located in Fellbach near Stuttgart and operate nationwide as well as internationally. No matter whether you work in a city in Baden-Wuerttemberg or another federal state or come from Warsaw (Warszawa), Cracow (Kraków), Lodsch (Łódź), Poznan (Poznań), Gdansk (Gdańsk), Szczecin (Szczecin) or Stuttgart, Hanover, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Berlin, Dortmund, Dresden, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Constance, Frankfurt, Munich, Nuremberg or Ulm – COMLOGOS offers you translation services of the highest quality. Do you have any more questions? Then call us or write to us. We are happy to consult you.




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