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The Golden Age of the Netherlands marks the century of cultural and economic prosperity of the Netherlands. In the 17th century, the Netherlands was one of the decisive colonial powers in the world, colonising mainly areas in Africa, Asia and America through trade and lease agreements. The most important colony of the Netherlands was probably Indonesia. Even though the Netherlands has lost many of its colonies over time, partly due to battles with other colonial powers, the Netherlands still plays a very important economic role today due to its worldwide trade relations.

For example, the Netherlands is one of the most important trading partners for Germany. This applies to both the import and export of commercial goods, such as mechanical engineering products or chemical products and goods. However, the Netherlands is generally known for its colourful variety of tulips and their export. Culinary the Netherlands has more to offer than just cheese. From the sweet Stroopwafel, two thin wafers with a delicious layer of caramel in between, to Vla, a liquid pudding with various flavours such as vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, to Patat speciaal, French fries with curry ketchup, mayonnaise and onions, or Stamppot, a stew made from mashed potatoes and vegetables – Dutch cuisine offers delicacies for everyone, whether you have a sweet tooth or a flair for the savoury.

The economic relations with the Netherlands create a high demand for high-quality translations – here COMLOGOS, as an expert in technical translations, acts as your partner for top translations.

Good to know: What should be considered when translating into Dutch?

Foreign language typesetting/DTP:

Compared to German, Dutch has a lengthening factor of about 1.1-1.15. This means that the Dutch or Flemish target texts are usually a little longer than the German source texts. A graphic artist must therefore pay the appropriate attention to the layout of the Dutch target texts and make formal adjustments to the documents. This way, language peculiarities are taken into account and it can be prevented that the layout of the target file deviates from that of the source file.

COMLOGOS has suitably qualified and technically experienced translators, revisers, proofreaders, SEO experts and transcreators for your technical texts and specialist fields. Together we offer you top quality for your texts and documents. Do you want to successfully establish yourself in Dutch-speaking countries? No problem – our experts ensure that you can operate competently in the Dutch arena and on an international level.

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