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The Danish language

Danish (Dansk) belongs to the North Germanic languages together with Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Faroese. These evolved from Old Norse and are also known as Nordic languages. The Danish language is spoken by approximately 10 million native speakers. Danish is the first official language only in Denmark. However, it is also the official language of Greenland and the Faroe Islands, a group of islands belonging to Denmark, which consists of 18 islands and is administered autonomously.

Although the Danish language has comparatively few native speakers, there is a wide variety of dialects, which developed in West Jutland through the distinctive influence of English and Swedish and in South Jutland through the influence of German. As easy as it is for a German to recognise some written Danish words at first sight, it is just as difficult to understand the spoken Danish language, as there are considerable differences. Nevertheless, there are usually no communication problems between Germans and Danes, as Danes learn German at school.

Danish exports

Germany is one of Denmark’s most important trading partners. Other trading partners include Sweden, Norway, Great Britain and the USA. Germany’s northernmost neighbour mainly exports machinery and machine parts, electronics, raw metals, food, chemical and pharmaceutical products as well as oil and gas.

But what is typically Danish for us? This ranges from the fairy tales of probably the most famous Danish writer and poet Hans Christian Andersen, such as The Little Mermaid (Den lille Havfrue), to Carlsberg, the Danish beer from the world’s fourth largest brewery group based in Copenhagen, to THE toy from probably the world’s largest toy manufacturer – LEGO, which is derived from the Danish leg godt (plays well).

It is impossible to imagine a household without the small plastic building bricks. Not only the little ones enjoy the more and more fancy objects that can be built with LEGO bricks. From cars like a Lamborghini, Ford Mustang or even the Batmobile, to buildings like the ManU stadium, the Taj Mahal or even Hogwarts Castle – LEGO captures the collectors’ hearts of the young and old.

Precise pharmaceutical translations by COMLOGOS

In the field of pharmaceutical products, the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is known worldwide, particularly for its research and development in the field of diabetes. For decades, the pharmaceutical giant has been intensively engaged in research into hormone metabolism and aims to contribute not only to the treatment and cure of diabetes, but also of other blood and metabolic diseases as well as obesity. The Danish pharmaceutical company sells its products in over 170 countries.

The worldwide distribution of pharmaceutical products creates a high demand for high-quality pharmaceutical translations. As a translation agency with a data pool of over 350 qualified, native-speaking specialist translators, we offer grade A technical translations for specialist fields such as pharmaceutics, chemistry and medical technology, but also for specialist fields such as automotive, plant engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics, marketing and law.

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