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Welcome! – Or as they say in Czech: Srdečnĕ vítáme!

Czech (Český) is spoken by about 10 million native speakers. The Czech language belongs to the Indo-Germanic language family, or more precisely to its West Slavic branch, which also includes Slovak and Polish. Since 2004, Czech has been one of the current 24 official languages of the EU.

In Czech, the spoken language sometimes differs greatly from the standardised written language. In general, the Czech language can be divided into four regionally spread dialect groups: the Czech, Central Moravian and East Moravian dialect groups as well as the Silesian dialects.

The Czech alphabet consists of 42 characters. In addition to the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, there are another 15 letters with diacritical signs: Á á, Č č, Ď ď, É é, Ě ě, Í í, Ň ň, Ó ó, Ř ř, Š š, Ť ť, Ú ú, Ú ú, Ý ý, Ž ž.
Other languages with diacritical signs are among others: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian and Turkish.

Examples of diacritical signs:

À à      Grave: above the letter, slash from top left to bottom right

Á á      Acute: above the letter, slash from bottom left to top right

Ă ă      Breve: above the letter, u-shaped curved line

Ā ā      Macron: above the letter, horizontal line

Å å      Krouzek: centred above the letter, not filled in circle

à㠠    Tilde: above the letter, first upward and then downward curved wavy line

Ą ą      Ogonek: at the bottom right of the letter, hook curved to the right

 ⠠    Circumflex: above the letter, chevron arrow pointing upwards

Č č       Hatcheck: above the letter, chevron arrow pointing downwards

Ç ç       Cedilla: centred under the letter, hook curved to the left

Đ đ      Horizontal line: across the letter, horizontal line at half height

Ł ł       Slash: diagonally through the letter, slash from bottom left to top right

Czech-German trade relations

The most important sectors of the Czech industry include the automotive industry, electrical engineering and electronics, environmental technology, construction and mechanical engineering.
In terms of exports, Germany is by far the most important trading partner for the Czech Republic. Bilateral trade relations have grown more and more over the last decades. About one third of Czech export goods are imported into Germany. As the country of origin for exports to Germany, the Czech Republic ranked 7th in 2019. Czech export goods include above all vehicles and vehicle parts as well as chemical products.

But the Czech Republic is also playing an increasingly important role as a destination for German export goods. After Poland, the Czech Republic is the most important buyer of German commercial goods among the countries in Central and Eastern Europe. German export goods include vehicles and vehicle parts, machinery, electronics, chemical products and food. In 2019, the Czech Republic ranked 11th as a destination for German exports. The Top 10 include the USA, France, China, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and Belgium.

Grade A Czech translations by COMLOGOS

Globalisation and the associated international trade have created a high demand for high-quality technical translations. We work exclusively with around 350 qualified, native-speaking specialist translators and thus offer you first-class technical translations to and from Czech for specialist areas such as plant engineering, automotive, automation technology, electronics, IT, software, mechanical engineering and renewable energies.

Frequently requested language combinations:

  • Czech– German
  • German – Czech
  • Czech – English
  • English – Czech

Do you need a language combination to or from Czech that is not listed here? Contact our project management staff and get information about other possible language combinations.

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