Transcreation – Fine-tuning for effective texts

1. What is transcreation?

The important finishing touch for your marketing texts and translations.

Transcreation combines translation with a new creation (creativity). Transcreation involves adapting an advertising text for a specific target group in a specific target market. Cultural, linguistic and emotional aspects must be taken into account in order to successfully convey a brand message in the language of the target country. The challenge is recognising and maintaining the nuances of intention, the core message, tone and style of the original text.

The aim of transcreation is to promote the advertising effectiveness and image of a brand and to successfully market the product or service internationally.

As a result, companies have an influence on the reputation and awareness of their brands and products, because nothing shapes a brand as lastingly as language.

2. What is the difference to a classical translation?

Translator + copywriter = transcreator (transcreative copywriter).

Transcreation goes beyond classical translation, which is used, for example, for catalogues or operating instructions. The existing advertising text must not only be translated into another language. The desired communication goal must be achieved while taking into account cultural and linguistic conventions.

This requires intercultural and textual competence for the respective cultural area. Because writing as a craft also needs to be learned. Catchy and appealing texts are essential to successfully transfer the message they contain and thus make it perceptible and tangible.

3. Why transcreation?

Inspire with language. Arouse emotions. Experience success.

You do not know whether you need a translation or transcreation? Then ask yourself the simple question:

Does your text influence the brand image?

If you can answer this question with “YES”, you need transcreation.

Example using the HARIBO advertising slogan:

Kids and grown-ups love it so – the happy world of HARIBO (English)

Classical translation

HARIBO rend les enfants heureux – et les adultes aussi (French)
Kinder und Erwachsene lieben sie so – die fröhliche Welt von HARIBO (German)  

Translation using transcreation

HARIBO c´est beau la vie, pour les grands et les petits (French)
HARIBO macht Kinder froh und Erwachsene ebenso (German)


This is what a successful transcreation looks like, because the intention of the slogan is also clear in French and German. Due to this, the translator community also loves the happy world of HARIBO.

4. For which texts is transcreation suitable?

The key to international success of your brand.

Texts that not only reach potential customers but also ought to motivate them to act should be translated transcreatively. The transcreation of advertising texts is indispensable for an optimal international marketing of the brand and a successful advertising campaign.

10 cases for transcreation specialists:

  • Slogans, claims, headlines
  • Advertising campaigns (e.g. banners, TV and radio)
  • Advertising materials (advertisements, brochures, flyers, mailings, posters, billboards, etc.)
  • Product and brand names
  • Press releases (e.g. on new product/service offerings), magazines/articles
  • Newsletter, image relevant texts, job advertisements
  • Internet presences/websites (additionally SEO-optimised if required)
  • Literature and film (e.g. book and film titles)
  • Gaming (social and video games)
  • Lectures, speeches

5. How does transcreation work?

Transcreation takes time.

The first step is a BRIEFING. Background information about your company and your product is collected and all necessary details are discussed. Important questions are for example the following:

Which target group would you like to reach in which media?

Which associations, emotions and actions should be triggered in the reader?

In the second step, a RESEARCH and BRAINSTORMING are done and first ideas are collected. The creative ideas mature during the INCUBATION period. Now the transcreator can start TEXTING and ADAPTING.

This multi-stage thinking process can take several days. During this time, the transcreator’s creativity is given free rein and the drafts are fine-tuned by taking your core message into account. In the last step FINISHING takes place before you receive your TRANSCREATED ADVERTISING TEXT.

Creative texts Marketing texts

6. Your advantages with COMLOGOS

Our competence as door opener for your business.

  • Convincing content thanks to detailed and unambiguous briefing. You have the answers. We ask the questions.
  • You benefit from our resources. We work exclusively with trained and experienced native transcreators.
  • We deliver transcreated texts for more acceptance and success worldwide.

Delivery time and costs (from € 70/hour) depend on the language combination as well as the type and scope of your transcreation project.

Do you still have questions about transcreation? Our competent project managers will be happy to advise you.

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