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    Delivery time: the sooner the better. Or maybe not?

    Fast is good – but is not automatically better. The time required for a translation can only be accelerated to a limited extent with a “human translation”. A technically and linguistically competent translator can translate approximately 1500 words (without repetitions) a day. In addition, there is the review and handling.

    One way to reduce the delivery time is to use several translators working in parallel.

    It is important to avoid inconsistencies with respect to the content and terminology. This must be defined and exchanged (online) in order to permit the standardisation of terminology. This is done with the aid of tools through the shared use of a synchronised server for the translation memories and the terminology databases. Professional project management is an important aspect in a multilingual translation job. COMLOGOS has the necessary project experience for this.


    Adherence to delivery dates is the result of good advice and reliable planning at COMLOGOS. Reliable translators and competent project management ensure that we meet your agreed deadline.

    Practical recommendations

    Good things take time. This also applies in particular to translations. If there is insufficient planning for the translation, this can lead to longer delivery times and compromises with regard to quality. We recommend that you order an ISO 17100-compliant translation with a revision by a second technical translator.

    Therefore, get in touch with us at the start of your project planning. In this way, your desired delivery date can be coordinated with all the persons involved.

    You can also agree partial deliveries with us. It is important for us to receive a precise list with the prioritisation of your files in this case.

    You are still in a hurry?

    We are glad to put our flexibility and adherence to delivery date to the test with short-term projects. COMLOGOS is your partner – at all times.

    Speed is not created by magic. Put us to the test.

    COMLOGOS – we are your time manager.

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