Large plants – large translations



Plant engineering is approximately 5000 years old. However, the global development, construction and operation of large systems do not work today without a highly diversified language.

Depending on the application, plants are built for a wide variety of purposes: waste prevention, exhaust gas cleaning and wastewater treatment, production of chemical and pharmaceutical products, chemical precursors, food ….

Plants use many different technologies and these include process engineering, production engineering, control engineering, power engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

A translation development process mirrors a plant engineering process 1:1. The design review is followed by the scale-up and project plan. An estimate of the cost and delivery follow along with the details in the form of an implementation plan if you opt for a “build”. The ordering of components and service providers defines the quality of the translation. The quality assurance is followed by corrections and adjustments and finally the “go live” is the delivery. Flexible and highly integrated international project management is a prerequisite for your service and for your documents.

A native speaker and specialist translation expertise are the basis for COMLOGOS in international project management We are constantly learning for you. We help you to keep an eye on your core business. This is our service.


TECHNICAL TRANSLATIONS – always in line with your plants

Plants are often planned and manufactured individually for the customer and the application. At the same time, they are an important export good for German companies. Comprehensible and, above all, accurate translations of the associated documentation are necessary for successful and safe operation in the target country. COMLOGOS is a leading translation service provider and would be happy to be your partner.

Like your plants, every translation project is unique – until additional languages are required or when a plant is given new features and processes. This is when our translation memory system and terminology management are used.

At COMLOGOS, quality is the top priority. We therefore recommend technical translations with an additional revision according to ISO 17100. This additional service guarantees high quality. Here, a second technical translator compares the source text with the translation and reviews it regarding content, grammar, spelling and completeness. We can deliver precise, high-quality technical translations within short deadlines. Our translators are regularly evaluated by us.

Our project management is also subject to an internal quality procedure. We are a certified company and therefore required to provide proof of the qualifications and competence of our internal and external employees. All employees sign a non-disclosure agreement before working with us. Your sensitive data will remain confidential with us. Many companies from mechanical engineering, measurement technology, plant engineering, electrical engineering and above all automation technology rely on COMLOGOS.


Whether you need operating instructions in Portuguese, a draft agreement translated into Spanish, or the installation instructions for a machine in Japanese – COMLOGOS has the right translator for all Languages and specialist fields.

The following are possible types of texts/documents to be translated:

  • Product descriptions
  • Technical texts
  • Documentation
  • Instructions for operation, installation and use
  • Alarm notifications
  • Specialist articles
  • Trainings
  • Piping diagrams
  • Electrical diagrams
  • Flowcharts
  • Software
  • Display texts for operation
  • Marketing materials, brochures


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