Successful in the market – translated with an assured sense of style

Marketing: Precise and stylistically confident on the pulse of THE MARKET

Successful on the market through native language

Straight to the point: We at COMLOGOS understand your marketing language. No matter whether you are a classic company with a PR/marketing department or you come from an agency or the publishing industry.

A unique and stylistically confident language is essential for the staging of your brand. Conveying your message and inspiring the target group is key. In other words, it is important to strike the right note, which is easier said than done.

When your text is finalised and it needs to be translated into a new language and adapted for the target country, the next challenge begins. But now you can rely on the professionals at COMLOGOS.

Our specialist marketing translators are experienced native speakers and, thanks to their many years of expertise and specialisation in the fields of marketing, advertising and PR, your content will be optimally translated into the target language. Thanks to our language professionals you will reach your customers with the desired message.


Possible text types

Websites Shops Intranet
Flyer Broschures Catalogues
Financial and annual reports Analyses Presentations
Press realeases Newsletter Advertisements
Slogans/claims Lectures and training documents  


Does your text influence the brand image? If you can answer this question with “YES”, you need Transcreation. Transcreation combines a translation with a new creation (creativity). It involves adapting an advertising text for a specific target group in a specific target market. For more information please click on the link.

If you need translations for online marketing, we recommend SEO translation. For online marketing a classic translation service is not enough, because the keywords that are common and relevant in the respective target country have to be considered and integrated. This will increase your chances of a good positioning and high visibility in search engines. This, in turn, helps to attract new website visitors and to promote a possible increase in sales. For more information please click on the link.

For an optimally set layout, we highly recommend our service Desktop Publishing (DTP)/Foreign language typesetting to you. Our graphic artists will put your content in the right place – for a perfect impression.


We translate. Your story. Accurate. Concise. Inspiring. Effective. To success. For your language. Target market-oriented. Into the foreign language.



Your personal quotation

If you would like to have a marketing text translated professionally, please contact us or request your free quote here. Your personal contact in our project management will provide you with individual support.