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The Stuttgart region has been the heart of the automotive industry since 1883. The region and thus the whole of Germany became a global automotive centre at the time of Germany’s economic miracle.

Globalisation, electrification, digitalisation and new services are changing the automotive industry constantly. Demands on product development are increasing just as much as on quality assurance and translation services.

The product development cycles are rapidly becoming shorter with increasing complexity. Flexible and highly integrated global production models, legislative measures and the leading position of the automotive sector in Industry 4.0 are setting new standards – also for supplier processes, service providers and product sales as well as for service and documents.

Because language is also constantly changing as a result, COMLOGOS has become part of this process of change. We are constantly learning for you. We help you to keep an eye on your core business and to score points linguistically. That’s what drives us. COMLOGOS has been your global partner for language services since 2007.

COMLOGOS – More than just a translation agency for technical translations. We are your full-service agency for language services.

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What motivates us: Change

The automotive industry is an important factor for the German economy. It determines extensive logistics chains and highly networked structures from OEMs to small suppliers. The scope of this industry is enormous. It consists of a large number of different technologies – from components such as drives, engines, transmissions, structure, interior, operating and comfort electronics, safety systems and brakes. But also many new technologies such as autonomous driving, battery, e-mobility, networking and communication systems in and between vehicles are being added. All this leads to a worldwide, highly networked logistics and production world. Changes in today’s world are no longer evolutionary, but often revolutionary or even disruptive.

Communication as a motor for progress

The global international interdependence between all parties involved – from suppliers and cooperation partners to sales and distribution and ultimately to the customer – has become very complex on an international level. This challenge can be solved and mastered with secure, flawless communication. This requires specialists – language experts who are familiar with the “foreign” language and can transfer content into technical systems in a technically correct manner.

Our translators at COMLOGOS translate foreign language texts exclusively into their own native language  – with the necessary professional expertise, for example as an engineer, programmer, marketing employee or specialist in economics and law. With our good processes we can provide an effective workflow with a win-win guarantee.

Technical translations into world languages

For many world languages we have translators with excellent language qualifications. Another equivalent qualification of our language experts is their expertise in the automotive sector. Our translators are all evaluated by us, live in different countries around the globe and translate exclusively into their mother tongue!

COMLOGOS – High-quality technical translations

Our aim is to provide professional service, the best quality and at the same time value for money translations. To ensure this, we work according to the following principles:

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