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Edmond Cartwright changed the industry in 1785. The invention of his fully mechanised loom was the start of a success story in automation technology that continues to this day. The next milestone was the invention of the steam engine – closely associated with the name James Watt.

Fast forward to today:

Automation technology extends over (almost) all technical disciplines today in the operation of systems and machines and therefore in almost all manufacturing processes.

Measuring, control, regulation, suitable human-machine interfaces, implementation of complex methods and processes, safety for people and machines – all this is part of automation technology. Complex systems for automation and rationalisation are created from high-quality components such as signalling devices, switchgear, measuring and test equipment, means of transport, electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic drives, control units and controllers. These primarily serve the manufacture of products for many applications and areas of life.

Automation technology is virtually the “Cockaigne” of many engineering disciplines. Germany, with its many mechanical engineering companies, has a comprehensive core competence and is a leading industrial nation in the world.

Important branches of automation technology are:

  • Systems theory
  • Engineering cybernetics
  • Control engineering
  • Control technology
  • Measurement and sensor technology
  • Drive technology
  • Programmable logic controller
  • Image processing
  • Robotics and handling technology
  • Drives – electric, pneumatic and hydraulic


Technical translations – almost automatically and always good

Comprehensible and, above all, accurate translations are the backbone of export-oriented companies in automation technology. COMLOGOS is a leading translation service provider and would be happy to be your partner.

We can measure, control and regulate communication and the impact that it has. We can also automate it – depending on the given possibilities and requirements of security and implementation of interfaces.

We are not yet able to translate automatically today, but the project management team of COMLOGOS will help to ensure that you do not get an automated translation, but a really good one.

Every translation project is unique – until additional languages are required or when a machine/series gets new features. This is when our Translation memory system and Terminology management are used.

At COMLOGOS, quality is the top priority. Therefore we offer technical translations according to ISO 17100. This additional service guarantees high quality. Here, a second technical translator compares the source text with the translation and reviews it regarding content, grammar, spelling and completeness. We can deliver precise, high-quality technical translations within short deadlines. Our translators are regularly evaluated by us. Our project management is also subject to an internal quality procedure. We are a certified company and therefore required to provide proof of the qualifications and competence of our internal and external employees. All employees sign a non-disclosure agreement before working with us. Your sensitive data will remain confidential with us. Many companies from mechanical engineering, measurement technology, plant engineering, electrical engineering and above all automation technology rely on COMLOGOS.

Translations for every need

Whether you need an operating manual translated into Chinese, a Letter of Intent (LoI) in Portuguese, or the installation instructions for a machine in Arabic, COMLOGOS has the right translator for all specialist areas in all Languages.

The following are possible types of texts/documents to be translated:

  • Product descriptions
  • Technical texts
  • Documentation
  • Instructions for operation, installation and use
  • Alarm notifications
  • Specialist articles
  • Trainings
  • Documents for trade fairs
  • Software
  • Display texts for operation
  • Marketing materials, brochures


Our translators are on their home turf when it comes to specialist expertise and native language; they are familiar with your specialist terminology and know what global cooperation means. We are constantly learning for you. We help you to keep an eye on your core business. This is our service.


We translate.

We are your human-machine interface.

Completely automatic.

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