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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? A couple of weeks ago, I needed to stock up on washing powder, so I nipped into my local Penny, a branch of a popular German discount supermarket chain that carries a lot of cheap generic brands. The special offer that week bore an evocative name:...

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A KILLER ADDRESS!Riding on the U-Bahn recently, I glimpsed a woman clad in a neon pink bikini, arms outstretched: „Aloha, Hawaii – entdecke Hawaii ( discover Hawaii)“ she declared. I knew at once she was addressing me intimately. A little later, I changed trains and I...

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Your documents and texts will be translated and edited by professional translators, proofreaders and editors who are specialised in the relevant field. The project management team provides you with the best professionals and only one contact person or project manager will guide you through your project from start to finish.

We serve a wide range of specialist areas and industries: Whether you send us your operating instruction, your technical product sheet, your contract or your marketing text, we provide the expert.

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Technical documentation Websites Shops and Shop systems Intranet
Operating and assembly instructions Flyer Brochures Catalogues
Instructions for use Financial and annual reports Analyses Presentations
Dossiers Press releases Newsletter Advertsements
Articles Slogans/Claims Specialist lectures and training documents Software
Legal texts Offers Certifications Employment contracts
Books Congress documents Applicant portals Patents
Marketing texts Contracts Localisation Advertising materials
Studies Parts lists Manuals Software


COMLOGOS. We translate. All over the world. Exact. Accurate. High quality. Native language. Value for money. Field specific. 4-eye principle. ISO-compliant.


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