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Welcome! Or as they say in Russia – Добро́ пожа́ловать!
With more than 17,000,000 km², Russia is by far the largest country in the world in terms of area. It is almost twice the size of Canada, the world's second largest country, which, with an area of 10,000,000 km2, is almost as large as all European countries put together.

Russian (ру́сский язы́к) is a Slavic language, one of the most spoken languages in the world and the native language of more than 165 million people. Together with those who speak Russian as a second or foreign language, it is spoken by over 275 million people worldwide. The Russian language is not only the official language in Russia, but also in countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan.

Unlike Western European languages, which are written in the Latin alphabet, Russian is written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

The Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters (10 vowels, 21 consonants as well as hard and soft signs):
А а, Б б, В в, Г г, Д д, Е е, Ё ё, Ж ж, З з, И и, Й й, К к, Л л, М м, Н н н, О о, П п, Р р, С с, Т т, У у, Ф ф, Х х, Ц ц, Ч ч, Ш ш, Ъ Ю, Щ щ, Ъ ъ, Ы ы, Ь ь, Э э, Ю ю, Я я

Russian is the original language of many important works of world literature. These include literary classics such as War and Peace or Anna Karenina, probably the most famous works of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, or Crime and Punishment, one of the major works of the important Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky.

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Translations into Russian

A special friendship has developed between Germany and Russia, in which economic, scientific and political communication play a major role. Even though communication between the two countries regarding politics is often difficult, German-Russian communication in science is always open and at eye level. For example, since 2011, the German-Russian Science Slam has been taking place in cities such as Hanover, Moscow, Berlin, Novosibirsk and Karlsruhe, alternately in Germany and Russia. In this competition young scientists present their scientific work to a like-minded audience, present their research results and exchange ideas.

The relations between Germany and Russia create a high demand of high-quality translations. This is where we come in as a translation agency and serve as your partner for excellent translations

Good to know: What needs to be considered when translating into Russian?

Foreign language typesetting:
Russian has an expansion factor of about 1.1-1.2 compared to German. This means that the Russian target texts are often slightly longer than the source texts in German. This also means that the layout of Russian target texts must be adapted accordingly and requires special attention from a graphic artist.

SEO translations:
SEO means Search Engine Optimisation and is used in online marketing to optimise the findability of website content in search engines. Google is the most used search engine worldwide, but there are also other search engines that dominate the markets in certain countries. Russia for example – here Yandex is the most widely used search engine. However, Google is becoming more and more popular, especially among younger users. Therefore, when doing a keyword research for the Russian SEO translation of your website, it is essential to take this into account when creating the keyword list. Because your Russian website and its contents should appear among the top places in the organic search engine ranking with both Yandex and Google.

COMLOGOS’ pool of translators includes more than 350 qualified and technically experienced translators, revisers, proofreaders, SEO experts and transcreators. Together we offer you top quality for your documents and websites. Our experts ensure that you can move competently on an international level and are able to become successfully established in Russian-speaking countries – not only on page and off page.

Combinations that we offer:

  • Russian – German
  • German – Russian
  • Russian – English
  • English – Russian

Your desired language combination into or from Russian is not listed here? Then please contact our project management team. We will be happy to inform you about other possible language combinations.

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