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The best …. for your translation!

Only native-speaking translators and professionally qualified translators work for COMLOGOS. Translators working for COMLOGOS have to submit their qualifications according to ISO 17100 and these professional references are carefully checked by us. All of our translators work with SDL Trados. In this way, we achieve high-quality results for you in any desired specialist field.

Technical translation for your business – Excellent quality in B2B

We recommend that you order an ISO 17100-compliant translation with a revision by a second technical translator. Important translations, such as texts that are going to print, are reviewed by a second independent native-speaking reviser according to the 4-eye principle and released for layout control. In addition, we offer foreign language setting and DTP services.

For documents, such as contracts, certificates and balance sheets, it is possible to have the translation performed and certified by sworn translators.

Modern translation memory systems, such as SDL Trados, and termbases, such as SDL MultiTerm, are used consistently by our company and our translators – with all the benefits for the quality and consistency of the translation.

Our project managers and translators check every translation before the delivery. 

Our additional services according to ISO 17100:


This is a bilingual verification of a target text in comparison with the source text with regard to its suitability for the intended purpose.


The review is a monolingual verification of a target text with regard to its suitability for the intended purpose.


An edited target text is checked and the necessary corrections are made before printing.

Learn more about the quality at COMLOGOS in our video.


​CERTIFICATIONS – the seal of our work

Certified quality according to ISO 17100

The ISO 17100 standard defines the translation process, the qualifications of the translators used and the procedure according to the 4-eye principle. These are fundamental and quality-determining differences to agencies, which do not work according to the ISO requirements.
This LICS® (Language Industry Certification System) certification means that COMLOGOS is audited and regularly recertified by a technically competent auditor. COMLOGOS consequently offers you a professional, ISO-compliant service in all global languages.

Certified quality at a reasonable price according to ISO 18587

ISO 18587 defines the translation process and the qualifications of the post editors used. All post-editors go through a multi-stage evaluation process before they are allowed to work on your projects. For quality reasons, we also only offer machine translation with full postediting. They must be able to prove their qualifications (according to ISO 18587) and experience. These are essential and quality-determining differences to translation offices and agencies that do not work in accordance with ISO.

COMLOGOS – our certification, your benefit

  • Independent certification and the related documentation are the basis for a long-term collaborative relationship between you and COMLOGOS.
  • Continuous internal verification and assurance of the quality, costs and deadlines.
  • Specific requirements related to the persons involved (our translators are native speakers with a professional background).
  • Traceable and documented project management
  • Revision by a second qualified translator (4-eye principle).

COMLOGOS has been certified according to ISO 9001 for quality management since May 2017

In other words, this means that we take you (our clients) seriously and continuously improve our processes based on your feedback.

Zertifizierung ECQA Certified Terminology Manager ( CTM Advanced)

COMLOGOS Employees
are certified according to the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA).

ISO 17100 for translation service providers from LICS

is certified according to ISO 17100 as a LICS translation service provider.

Certified Language Partner

is a certified language service partner of SDL.

Member of the German Association for Technical Communication and Information Development.

is a member of the German Association for Technical Communication and Information Development.


is certified according to ISO 18587 for posteditieren machineready translations.

ISO 9001 for quality management

is certified according to ISO 9001 for quality management.


is a certified translation service provider (for SCHEMA ST4) of Quanos Content Solutions

Take advantage of our competent service and get in touch with us. Request your personal quotation. The enquiry is free of charge for you. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to advise you!

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