Measurable results – accurate translations


What drives us: native languages.

The basic elements of measurement technology have evolved from the history of philosophy, classical literature, seafaring and mathematics. The revolutionary aspect of this was always the global comparability of results. COMLOGOS has been your partner in this field since 2007.

Pascal, Celsius, Archimedes and others defined the units and measurements of things. This is exactly our thing: COMLOGOS also develops methods to record, model and correct deviations – but in language. We work with you to adjust and calibrate your language and we update and manage your uniform terminology. Language is a standardised medium of communication. It is not measurable in the true sense of the word because it thrives on fine nuances and national differences, but it is comparable as a quality translation – and measurable.

COMLOGOS has become a part of this process of change because language and technology are constantly changing and evolving. We are constantly learning for you. We help you to keep an eye on your core business. This is our service.


We translate.

Targeted. Accurate. Global.




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