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    Successful in the market - translated with an assured sense of style


    What inspires us: native languages.

    Stylish language is the cornerstone of good stories. Marketing is determined by this rule through storylines, promotions, digital marketing, social media and CD/CI. The Stuttgart region provides the best examples of this. COMLOGOS has been one of these since 2007 – your partner.

    Communication in companies is corporate communication with another language. We talk about it – in a versatile, sophisticated and critical manner. Marketing is more versatile than language and communication: target groups set the tone and the tone determines the success. Internal style is your success on the outside. A “stylish presentation” just means “speaking the right language”. You decide: Financial and business reports, analyses, press releases, presentation documents, specialist lectures and training documents, intranet, trade fairs, recruitment portals, catalogues, flyers, brochures, websites, software, shops. All over the world.

    The message, the principle, the language: COMLOGOS. Your company for communication.

    We help you to keep an eye on your core business. This is our service.


    We translate.

    Concise. Inspiring. Successful.

    Your story.

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