Localisation – Think global, act local

Why localisation and for what purpose?

Localisation is the adaptation of a product – in this case a translation – to the respective market. This goes far beyond a mere translation. Localised texts are optimised in terms of units used, country-specific statements, cultural fit and locally appropriate phrases for metaphors or plays on words. Ideally, the localised text should appear as if it was written in the target country specifically for the target market.

Localisation: Your project, our adaptation.

One localisation does not fit all. Let us know for which country you need a localisation. For example, Spanish from Mexico does not correspond to Spanish from Spain. Language nuances make the difference in a successful customer approach if you want to conquer new country markets.

In fact, people can identify better with a product if they are addressed in their mother tongue. This means that cultural and regional characteristics should also be taken into account. This way, you appear more proficient and win the trust of your customers.

You can rely on COMLOGOS if you need localisation. As a specialist for foreign language communication, we have been active on the market for over ten years. Only native speakers who are trained specialist translators work for us. They are evaluated by COMLOGOS and must meet certain criteria. Because technical know-how is essential in addition to great accuracy.

If you are interested, we can also help you with terminology management. We would be happy to support you in creating, maintaining and building a terminology database.

Small details, big impact.

A translation and localisation project is time consuming and costly, requiring, for example, adjustments to date, time, currency, temperature and units of measurement. Further examples of necessary adjustments are:

  • Weights and measures
  • Figures
  • Currencies and time zones
  • Text length
  • Reading direction, spelling and style elements
  • Date, times and telephone numbers
  • Company names
  • Colour scheme

Benefits of localisation:

  • Advantage over regional and international competition
  • More precise addressing and accessibility of the target group
  • Building trust and conveying competence

 COMLOGOS offers localisation of:

  • Software*
  • Information structures, such as database records and source codes
  • Websites and online shops
  • Apps
  • Games
  • Communication levels, buttons, menus, context search
  • (Software) documentation and (digital) manuals
  • Templates, dictionaries and documents

*For software localisation, the use of technical terminology is ensured and required translations are edited with professional tools (e.g. SDL Passolo). A translation memory system protects the program codes against inadvertent changes.


Frequently requested language combinations are:

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What else you should know about us.

COMLOGOS is a translation agency certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100. We have more than ten years of market experience and serve industries and specialist areas from the fields of automotive, automation technology, medical technology, marketing, law, plant engineering, medicine, engineering, chemistry, measurement technology, renewable energies, pharmaceutics, electrical engineering, IT, software, robotics and mechanical engineering.

To ensure that your sensitive and personal data remains confidential, our internal and external employees sign a non-disclosure agreement.

We operate throughout Germany and internationally and work locally in Fellbach near Stuttgart. Whether you work in a city in Baden-Württemberg such as Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Konstanz, Freiburg, Mannheim, Heilbronn or Ulm or have your company headquarters in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Dortmund, Hanover, Hamburg, Bremen, Dresden or Leipzig – we offer the best translation service including modern digital media.


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