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As the southernmost of the three Baltic countries, Lithuania (Lietuva) is surrounded by the Baltic Sea, Latvia, Poland and Belarus. The area of the country is 65,300 km² and the number of inhabitants is almost 2.8 million.

Like Latvian, Lithuanian is also one of the Baltic languages.

For about 3.2 million people, Lithuanian is their mother tongue. Many Lithuanian speakers live outside Lithuania in Western Europe, where many Lithuanians emigrated to after Lithuania's accession to the EU. Furthermore, Lithuanian minorities are also encountered in Belarus and Poland. In turn, many Poles and Russians are resident in Lithuania.

The Lithuanian alphabet is Latin in nature, but has various accentuations, e.g. ą, č, į, ū, š. It is typical in Lithuanian that the surname of a person can be used to infer his or her gender and marital status. For example, a man has the surname Kazlauskas, the one of his wife is Kazlauskienė and his daughter's is Kazlauskaitė.

Another striking aspect of the Lithuanian language is the transliteration of foreign words or names. Against this background, a name like George Bush is Džordžas Bušas in Lithuanian. Harry Potter is thus transformed into Haris Poteris.

In Lithuania, the parliamentary commission of the Lithuanian language is responsible for keeping the Lithuanian language clean. This commission has set itself the task of preventing the introduction of foreign words into the language and the formation of new words. It is also responsible for checking the pronunciation on television and radio. 

Bemaltes Gebäude in Litauen

German-Lithuanian relations

The relationship between the two countries can be described as close and friendly.

This is mainly due to the cultural convention signed in 1993. The Goethe-Institut in Vilnius has a great influence on the cultural relations. Interest in the German language is increasing among Lithuanians. That is why every year German language days are held all over the country.

The friendship between Germany and Lithuania is also reflected in 60 town and district partnerships and is characterised by an enthusiastic exchange between schools and universities.

From an economic point of view, Germany is considered one of Lithuania's most important trading partners and a significant investor. Despite a large number of emigrations, the Lithuanian economy is growing.

The main export sectors are mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and the food and textile industries. In recent years, Lithuania has also increasingly focused on renewable energies. 

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The Lithuanian language with its many special features can only be translated correctly by native speakers. That’s why COMLOGOS only uses native-speaking specialist translators for your Lithuanian translations.

The combinations we offer and use most frequently are:

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  • Lithuanian – English
  • English – Lithuanian

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