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Italian (italiano) belongs to the Romance languages and is directly derived from Latin. About 90 million people on different continents speak Italian and far more people learn Italian as a foreign language. Italian is the official language in many countries – beyond Italy – such as San Marino, the Vatican State, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia and Malta.

Standard Italian is mainly used in Italy in written and formal communication. The respective dialect (dialetto) is used for informal and oral communication.

Individual Italian dialects sometimes differ vastly from one another and some language variants are seen as independent languages. A distinction is made between northern, central and southern Italian dialects.

The relationship between Italy and Germany is based on a long history of friendship. Many Italians came to Germany in the course of the economic upswing in the 1960s and also settled down. Many friendships have developed between the people of these two countries. Who does not love the Dolce Vita with its Italian cuisine and the cheerful way of life – where would we be without wine, pizza and pasta?

Both countries are also closely linked economically. The most important import and export goods are machinery and devices, chemical, pharmaceutical and botanical products, textiles/clothing, leather including accessories, means of transport, metals and metal products, computer/electronic and optical equipment, food products including beverages as well as tobacco products, rubber and plastic products.

Due to the resulting business, there is a high demand for high-quality translations. This is where we, as a translation services company, are in demand and can assist you with world-class translations.

Our translation agency works with over 350 qualified native speakers and guarantees you top quality for your texts and documents. Our Italian translations are subject and industry-specific. Our specialists ensure that you can operate professionally on an international level and are able to become successfully established in Italian-speaking countries. 

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Good to know: What needs to be considered when translating into Italian?

Italian has an expansion factor of approximately 1.2 compared to German – in other words, the Italian target texts are slightly longer than the source texts in German. Layouts need to be adapted and require special attention from the translators and the graphic artists.

COMLOGOS delivers excellent Italian translations with desktop publishing (DTP)

Your brochures, catalogues, websites and instructions need to appear exactly the same in Italian as in the source language? Our experts will take care of the necessary layout adjustments so that differences in length in the individual languages do not cause you any trouble.

The layout of the target file is adapted by our graphic artists so that the original layout is retained even if the target language requires more space due to the expansion factor. The adapted layout is then checked by our translators before the layouted translation is delivered to you on time.

Combinations that we offer and are requested most often:

  • Italian – German
  • German – Italian
  • Italian – English
  • English – Italian

Your desired language combination into or from Italian is not listed here? Then please contact our project management team. We will be happy to inform you about other possible language combinations.

Our price calculator provides quick cost information

To get a quick overview, use our price calculator with quotes for many language combinations and different types of services.

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