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    COMLOGOS - Your partner for language services

    COMLOGOS has been active in the language and translation market for over 10 years. COMLOGOS has become successfully established in the market with well over 100 language combinations in more than 70 languages and with 300 translators all over the world since it was founded in early 2007 by Rita Kiefhaber and Dietmar Simon Many clients appreciate the long-term and reliable partnership with us.

    Your attractive partner

    We are a highly attractive partner for technical translations and can assist you with your international written and oral communication.

    Our commitment

    We are driven by high standards – today and in the future:
    We deliver only the best services and solutions for our clients – always providing value for money.
    Our range of services is geared exclusively to clients’ specific needs and expectations.

    Our responsibility

    We take our responsibility as an employer very seriously. We offer our employees a flexible and friendly working environment and support their personal and professional development.

    We always establish relationships with all of our partners, external translators and graphic artists in the spirit of a long-term partnership.

    COMLOGOS is certified according to ISO 17100 for translation services

    The ISO 17100 standard defines the requirements for translation services, the translation process and the qualifications of the translators and project managers used as well as their procedures in accordance with the 4-eye principle.

    COMLOGOS is certified according to ISO 9001 for quality management.

    The ISO 9001 standard provides a detailed description of our quality management system and the resulting continuous improvement process based on your feedback.

    Our additional service for you – in all languages:

    • We coordinate and build up your company-specific terminology.
    • You get your specific dictionary in the required languages based on your translation memories.
    • We maintain company-specific translation memories and update them after every assignment.
    • Localisation: handling country-specific language features (including standards, settings, currencies and measurement units)