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Alternative energy with THE power of native language.

The world is in the midst of challenging times with climate protection. Global cooperation is needed to promote the sustainability of our planet. Here, renewable energies play a key role. If energy resources are able to renew themselves quickly, finite fossil energy sources such as coal will be conserved. Renewable energy is also called regenerative energy. The energy sources are wind, solar, hydro and geothermal energy as well as bioenergy.

In order to meet the climate targets, political, economic and technical framework conditions must be created. All this must be promoted and communicated worldwide. In the energy sector, Germany is considered a pioneer, developer and exporter of knowledge, technical solutions and products. In order to enable global cooperation, we are happy to assist you as a language service provider for foreign language communication as well as holistic consulting for your optimal translation process.

Draw from our resources.

Our translators are native speakers, who use translation memory systems with client-specific Translation memories and Terminology databases to work. This makes storing your translations and specialist terminology possible. When a match is found, the translator receives suggestions from the system during translation based on the contents of the translation memory, which he can use and adapt accordingly. By filling the translation memory with your language pair-specific translations, the efficiency of the translation process is continuously optimised, thus saving not only time but also costs.

If you are interested, we can also advise you on the subject of Terminology management and support you in the creation and maintenance of a Terminology database.

Sustainable success with best quality.

The fields of environmental technology and renewable energies are developing at a rapid pace. In order to be able to serve your industry and understand your specialist field, we only employ highly qualified specialist translators. These are evaluated by COMLOGOS and must meet certain professional and linguistic criteria. After all, in addition to the highest level of accuracy, know-how is essential for a high-quality translation. Our translators also regularly attend training courses in order to keep up-to-date.

Furthermore, we offer technical translations including a revision according to ISO 17100. This additional service guarantees our high standard of quality. Here, a second technical translator compares the source text with the translation and reviews it regarding content, grammar, spelling and completeness. This enables us to deliver precise, high-quality technical translations.

Our high quality standard creates satisfaction and trust with our customers. Environmental and energy companies as well as research institutes rely on COMLOGOS. We are a certified company and therefore required to provide proof of the competence and qualifications of our project managers and translators. In addition, our internal and external employees sign a confidentiality agreement. Your personal data will remain confidential with us.

Power generation from the right sources.

You want to send us a translation request for a text in the field of research that you need for a business partner in China? Or you would like to sell your wind turbines abroad and need a translation of your brochures in the respective national language? Whatever your needs, we can support you with translations for all world languages through our pool of professional, native-speaking specialist translators.

Overview document/text types:

  • Documentation for machines, e.g. notes and plans
  • Operating instructions, e.g. for solar systems
  • Specialist articles
  • Clinical studies
  • Analyses, e.g. on the environment
  • Research reports
  • Books
  • Trainings
  • Congress documents
  • Software
  • Marketing materials, brochures


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