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Welcome, or as they say in Arabic – أهلاً وسهلاً
Arabic belongs to the Semitic languages and is spoken by over 290 million people as their mother tongue. Arabic is the official language in 28 countries. These include Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, Arabic – together with English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian – is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

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Language peculiarities

As in Chinese, there are countless dialects in Arabic. In some cases, these differ so much from country to country that speakers of different Arabic dialects cannot understand each other, or can only understand each other with difficulty. Modern Standard Arabic – the written language – is universal, but differs enormously from the spoken language depending on the country/region.

The primary writing direction, i.e. the order of the consecutive individual characters, differs in Arabic from the English writing direction. This is true of most Semitic languages, as well as Hebrew. The English script is written horizontally left-to-right (primary writing direction), Arabic however is written horizontally right-to-left.

.siht ekil kool dluow ti shilgnE nI
?ti t’nsi ,seye eht ot railimafnu etiuq s’tI

The secondary writing direction, on the other hand, is the same in Arabic and English and determines the order of successive lines. In English, as in most languages using Latin script, the secondary writing direction is top-to-bottom.

Technical translation German-Arabic

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are Germany’s most important Arab trading partners. German export goods include vehicles, machinery as well as electrical and chemical products. Due to the economic relations between Germany and Arabic-speaking countries there is a high demand for top quality translations. COMLOGOS can assist you with this. As a translation agency we serve as your partner for high-quality translations.

You need a German-Arabic or Arabic-German translation and do not know which linguistic and cultural aspects to consider? No problem. – At COMLOGOS we work exclusively with qualified native speakers. Our Arabic language experts ensure that you can operate competently on Arabic target markets and thus become successfully established in Arabic-speaking countries.

COMLOGOS delivers excellent Arabic translations – including foreign language typesetting if desired

Your flyers, brochures, catalogues, operating and assembly instructions need to appear exactly the same in Arabic as in the source language? Our professional graphic artists and translators will take care of the necessary layout adjustments and layout checks, so that language peculiarities such as the right-to-left Arabic script do not cause you any issues when typesetting foreign languages.

In coordination with our Arabic translators, the layout of the target file is adapted by our graphic artists in such a way that the original layout is retained. As last step, our translator checks the finished layout. After his/her final approval the layouted target file is delivered to you on time.

Translations into and from Arabic, which are in demand with us:

  • Arabic – German
  • German – Arabic
  • English – Arabic
  • Arabic – English

If you need other language combinations into or out of Arabic, please contact us.

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To get a quick overview, use our price calculator with quotes for many language combinations and different types of services.

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