BENEFITS – what distinguishes us & why

Our principles – your benefits

COMLOGOS is not just any old translation agency. We have reasons for the path we have chosen. Translations are a sophisticated and individual service, which shouldn’t be compared with an industrially produced standard product.

COMLOGOS starts to think for you even before the project.

As a matter of principle: in every specialist field.

High Quality Translation
  • Automotive.

    Translations – just in time.

  • Automation technology.

    High output – clear language.

  • Medical technology.

    Healthy statements – reliable translations.

  • Marketing.

    Successful in the market – translated with an assured sense of style.

  • Measurement technology.

    Measurable results – accurate translations.

  • Legal texts.

    Clarify claims – unambiguous translations.

  • Plant engineering.Large plants – large translation

Confidentiality and data protection

Confidentiality in the handling of your data is an important prerequisite for COMLOGOS in collaborative relationships. We train our employees regularly in the safe and confidential handling of your data, provide security for the transmission of data and guarantee this in our terms and conditions.


You want to be understood – without misunderstandings and workarounds. We convey what you have to say – in every language and in very situation. COMLOGOS is consistently synonymous with the best possible translation quality – with correct terminology, no errors and an attractive style.


COMLOGOS translators working all over world also take care of urgent assignments – quickly and reliably.

Certified and value for money

A translation agency should be an adaptive system. COMLOGOS business processes undergo continuous optimisation. Our philosophy is based on a fair, long-term collaborative relationship with you.

Service and project management

A single point of contact for your company and your assignment – from the quotation to the completed translation. COMLOGOS guarantees a quick and reliable response to all of your questions and concerns – you are the client!

You want an affordable translation – we offer high-quality translations at the best possible price.

We are happy to advise you!

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