“The precise documentation of our products in all global languages is vital for us.”
(CEO of a plant engineering company)

“An army of in-house lawyers is more expensive than a professional translation service.”
(CFO of an automotive company)

“We always give international tasks, such as contracts and product documentation, to our agency. Time is money is only partially correct from our perspective. It should read ‘Quality is money’.”
(CSO of a medical technology manufacturer)

According to a recent global study conducted by our partner SDL, the quality of the translation is rated higher than the speed by a factor of 2.5. According to the study, the quality of LSPs (language service providers) is even rated higher than the price by a factor of 6.

Good translations are your company’s business card.

Translations are your visible hallmark. They influence the image of your company among your clients and the public. A poor or unsatisfactory translation devalues your product, your service and the quality of your company.

Conversely, a high-quality and accurate professional translation enhances the attraction of your company and makes your products more user-friendly for your clients and people using them.

What is important in a professional translation

The original content must also be presented in a comprehensible, clear and unambiguous manner.
The desired message must be conveyed precisely and accurately.

It must be understood properly in the cultural context and the transfer of laws, standards, settings, currencies and measurement units must be taken into account.

Legal content must be translated completely accurately and impeccably.

A good translation requires technically skilled native-speaking translators.

We recommend that you order an ISO 17100-compliant translation with a revision by a second technical translator.

Successful translation projects require specialist project management expertise.


COMLOGOS meets the highest standards in your specialist field. We are familiar with the requirements of your target groups and we take country-specific language features into account.

The consistency of terminology is of crucial importance. At COMLOGOS we build up your specific terminology in a database at your request and then manage it correctly, update it continuously and use it safely and confidentially for company-related projects.

That is why COMLOGOS only works with professionally qualified translators who translate exclusively into their native language. We achieve your desired quality with fast delivery times through the use of a software-based translation memory system. COMLOGOS is certified according to ISO 17100 for translation services.


Technical product information: operating and assembly instructions, documentation, parts lists, manuals

Corporate communication: financial and business reports, analyses, press releases, presentation documents, company presentations, specialist lectures and training documents, intranet, recruitment portals

Marketing texts: advertising material, catalogues, flyers, brochures, websites

Legal texts: contracts and tenders, certificates, employment contracts

Localisation: software, websites, shop systems


“Nobody reads operating instructions.”
(CFO of a consumer goods manufacturer)

Discover our portfolio and range of services for yourself.
You will be amazed at how quickly we understand – no matter what language you speak.

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